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Answer by Dr. Vandana Goel

Consultant OBG & Maternal Fetal Medicine
Qus : Hey i want to know is facial hair removal laser is safe during pregnancy or not and what side effects it will have if not
Ans : Facial hair removal is safe
Qus : I got my tubes tied last year and would like to know if I can get them untied my mother forced me to do it now my husband wants a baby
Ans : U may undergo tube recanalization surgery or directly go in for IVF pregnancy.
Qus : M'y lmp was on 29/12/2018 I menstruate not for two days. On the 2 to 11of January I had unprotected sex with my fiancé which to know if I could get pregnant
Ans : Now can only confirm that by urine pregnancy strip test on after 30th (if u doesn’t get your periods)
Qus : My period is 11 days above can I pregnant
Ans : I would suggest you to go for urine pregnancy tests and validate pregnancy
Qus : But I check urine pregnancy test but result was negative
Ans : Okay I would suggest you to wait for just a week more and then check for pregnancy test or may be validate with blood tests
Qus : Am not sure yet if I am pregnant
Ans : If you have missed your period and its been more than 15 days , you are supposed to do a urine pregnancy test at home which can validate pregnancy
Qus : How many days will confirm pregnant
Ans : 10-12 days post periods miss you can check the pregnancy from urine pregnancy test at home
Qus : I am really worried
Ans : Tell me the query I am here to help you out the best possible.
Qus : I'm 13 weeks 6 days and I've been experiencing abdominal pains everyday is it normal?
Ans : It can be, usually at the very beginning of the pregnancy and again later in pregnancy as you approach your due date. Many women also experience a pelvic discomfort known as round ligament pain. It is considered normal in pregnancy. It occurs in the second trimester when the round ligaments, which supports the uterus in the pelvis, begin to stretch as the uterus grows. Moving slowly helps. It eventually subsides as the pregnancy progress.
Qus : But does it have to be this painful? And when will I feel my baby move,?
Ans : No as the time will follow it will be cured
Qus : Hey, I'm 13 weeks and 6 days pregnant and I've been having a lot of abdominal pain, it comes everyday is it normal?
Ans : No there is nothing to worry .But if the pain is unbearable, you need to rush to your doctor.
Qus : Yesterday I felt something like bubbles popping and it felt more like kicks from my baby for the first time but today I haven't felt anything I don't know if I should be worried or its normal to feel something inconsistently
Ans : However, it's not until the second trimester that you become gradually aware of fontal movement. It first feels like a gentle fluttering. This feeling -- also known as quickening -- usually occurs when you are between 16 and 20 weeks pregnant. As your pregnancy progresses, these movements become stronger, and before long most women begin to describe them as kicks
Qus : So is it expected that I feel the movement everyday from the first time they start?
Ans : Yes
Qus : Could It mean something is wrong if I feel it today then tomorrow I don't?
Ans : If something like that happen consults your doctor.
Qus : Sometimes I do not feel my baby move, but when I go for an ultrasound I can see her moving and they say everything is fine, but I am worried, I'm 25 weeks pregnant.
Ans : It first feels like a gentle fluttering. This feeling -- also known as quickening -- usually occurs when you are between 16 and 20 weeks pregnant. As your pregnancy progresses, these movements become stronger, and before long most women begin to describe them as kicks.
Qus : Without seeing any trace of blood I am always having dis abdominal pain. Cramps lately but no period .Am pregnant and still having cramps .Am confused
Ans : Cramps and abdominal pains are common in pregnancy. If the pain is severe, I would suggest you to visit your doctor.
Qus : Is lower abdominal pain and spotting normal in 5th week of pregnancy
Ans : Yes abdominal pain and spotting is normal, if the bleeding is there please visit your doctor.

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