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A pregnant women using HMom can be in constant online and offline connect with a verified doctor.

HDoc is a single and comprehensive online platform which is available on the web and mobile…

HConnect is a medical app and comprehensive patient management platform. A patient using HConnect…

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Pregnancy Week By Week


    “ I want to take a few minutes to tell you how HMOM have made my nine months journey so easy. They helped relieve my fears too. When I did get my surgery, I knew, beyond any doubt, that it was the right move for me. That piece of mind was priceless. I was afraid to ask my doctor for a second opinion. I was nervous he would be offended or just send me to a doctor who agreed with him. But with Healtheoz HMom jessica I was able to get two independent opinions without having to question my doctor. The small price I paid for the second opinion was definitely worth it. ”

    Akanksha Singh,


    “ We’ve just had a new born. Healtheoz HMom has given a higher level of priority and importance to healthcare and care costs. I am thankful to have online personal health records that helps organize our health records and provides easy and reliable access to stay aware of treatments that I have received. Being able to get another opinion is just as valuable. I feel a lot more confident when going to the doctor now because I can help prevent over treatment and understand a bit more about the care my doctor is recommending. ”

    Jaya gosh ,