10 Dos And Don’ts Of Pregnancy Fitness

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It is important to exercise when you are pregnant. There is no doubt about that. However, it is important to be informed about which exercises should be done and which should be avoided.

Some do’s and don’ts of pregnancy exercises are:

  • Get medical advice before you start any exercise for the pregnant woman

Do check with your doctor whether a particular form of exercise is good for your pregnancy. In case you have any complications with your pregnancy then the doctor may ask you to avoid some exercises. The exercise that you can do is also dependent on how healthy you were before you conceived. So always get your doctor’s advice before you start to exercise.

  • Be flexible

You know your body the best. So if, you feel that particular exercise feels very strenuous then stop immediately. You may have been an athlete before you had a baby but that does not mean that you can exercise with the same rigor now. Also, adapt to the stages of your pregnancy. In your second and third trimester you may be asked to avoid certain postures, so make sure that you follow the advice.

  • Never hold on to your breath

If there is any exercise during pregnancy that wants you to hold on to your breath then do not do that exercise. This is not good for you or for your baby and it also puts pressure on your pelvic floor. Do some deep breathing and steady exercises.

  • Do exercises to make your spine strong

Have some core exercises to strengthen your spine. You could try some deep breathing exercises for that. Your back should also be strong. All this will help when you have the baby.

  • Lying on the back should be avoided

It is best to avoid lying on your back after you are 16 weeks pregnant. The baby’s weight will start to put pressure on your spine and also on the blood vessels that transport the oxygen to your heart. Also, make sure that you do the exercise under a trained teacher only.

  • Drink plenty of fluids

Make sure to keep yourself hydrated before and after you exercise. Water is important because it helps to carry the blood to your baby. Water also helps to avoid many of the problems related to pregnancy so make sure that you are always hydrated

  • It is good to include some pelvic floor exercises

It is important that you do some pelvic floor exercises when you are pregnant. This is important because it strengthens your pelvic area and this prevents any problems of incontinence. But make sure that you do it without a lot of effort

  • Rigorous sports should be avoided

Exercising is important but does not indulge in any rigorous sports. These should be skipped until your baby is delivered. Stick to normal and gentle exercises like walking, yoga, and jogging.

  • Do not exert yourself

If at any point you feel that you are tired or are overworked then stop exercising. If you feel breathless then stop immediately.

  • Exercise during the daytime or in the evenings

Avoid afternoons and exercise during the time when the temperature is not very high. Also, do not lift any heavy weights or tie a belt around your stomach during pregnancy workouts.

Conclusion-Workouts for pregnant women

Exercising when you are pregnant is safe but you need to be careful to not overdo it to harm yourself or your baby. If you exercise within your limits then it will help you to stay fit and healthy all through your pregnancy.

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