10 Noteworthy Tips and Advice for First time Expectant Mothers

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Attaining parenthood is a major milestone in every person’s life. However, for a woman, attaining motherhood that too for the first time can be both physically, as well as emotionally intimidating. As a first-time expectant mother, you may come across several scary and exciting things in your journey through pregnancy. While every pregnancy is different, yet there are certain recommendations and advice that can help you sail smoothly all through the nine months of your pregnancy. So buck up and get ready to get schooled with this proven pregnancy advice:

  • Stop Following Mr. Google Blindly: Your mind may be puzzled with several questions for every little symptom that you might witness during your pregnancy. However, it is pointless to drive yourself crazy with constant Googling. In fact, by reading scary pregnancy stories that are spread all over the web, you may land yourself with anxiety and panic attacks. It’s advisable to take your concern to your gynecologist who can ease your anxieties with their expert advice.
  • Don’t break the Bank on Maternity Attires: While you may manage to wear your regular clothes in the first trimester, you may have to purchase some loose fitting outfits as you will soon start showing up your bump. However, there is no point spending a huge part of your maternity budget on maternity clothes. Just a couple of loose pants or shirts along with a belly band would suffice.
  • Do not take Your Symptoms for Granted: While certain symptoms such as fatigue, nausea is common in most pregnancies yet you need not deal with those symptoms just because you are pregnant. You never know, you may be dealing with more serious issues which cannot be resolved without medical intervention.
  • Make Yourself Comfortable in the Company of Right Care Provider: It is advisable to keep yourself safe and comfortable in the company of a person who will listen, support and understand you. This will ease your journey of pregnancy. In case, the concerned person fails to provide you with the right care and warmth, it’s better you look out for someone else.
  • Regular yet Subtle Exercising: While it isn’t advisable to jump into rigorous exercising but including simple exercises in your daily regime can go a long way in reducing fatigue and easing the labor process.
  • Staying Hydrated: It’s extremely important to keep yourself hydrated throughout your pregnancy as it can keep infections at bay by diluting the urine. Moreover, it can help deal with dehydration that usually occurred during the last trimester and can lead to preterm labor.
  • Avoid Smoking and Drinking: Amongst several not to do activities during pregnancy, the most important ones include avoiding smoking and drinking. This is because smoking and drinking increase the risk of miscarriage and several other preventable birth defects.
  • Purchase a Body Pillow: It’s advisable to invest in a body pillow that will help you get better sleep. So, as your belly grows, it allows you to find a comfortable spot so that you may rest comfortably.
  • Healthy Diet: A healthy and balanced diet is something which is recommended by doctors to keep you and your baby healthy.
  • Lots of Rest: Since your body undergoes drastic change during pregnancy; your body needs ample amount of rest to cope up with the stress.

The aforementioned tips if followed will not just help you keep healthy but will also be useful for dealing with bouts of anxiety that usually occurs during this phase.

(Any health-related information or any medical opinion in the content is gathered from secondary sources and is only for the purpose of information and this should not be treated as a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. Using this site and the information contained in it is not to create a doctor-patient relationship. Always make sure to seek the advice of your doctor if you have any issues or questions regarding yours or the health of others.)


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