Pregnancy Advice for First Time Moms

10 Pieces of Pregnancy Advice for First Time Moms

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It’s great to know that you don’t want to be just a regular mom that would go with the flow to manage a baby. If you are a new mummy to be then this article will tell you how to take care of yourself in a sensitive phase that is pregnancy. Bearing a child is a huge responsibility that affects a woman physically and mentally.

The period of 9 months is not just hard for a mother but for her loved ones too. If someone close to you is pregnant then you too can learn a lot of things to be helpful.

Things first-time mothers must keep in mind

Motherhood can be the happiest phase for you, but it is often seen that the duration of pregnancy and after it can be stressful. It can also cause anxiety or depression. So, it is your number one priority to take care of yourself first. If the mother is healthy then only the child will be born healthy. Your issues can have an adverse effect on the baby so the most important piece of advice is for you. Try and stay healthy in every possible aspect.

Here are 10 pieces of pregnancy advice that you must follow:
  1. Stay away from myths: Being pregnant means millions of unwanted pregnancy advice from your relatives that are mostly myths. Your neighborly Aunt would tell you not to indulge in any physical activity as it can hurt your baby. The reality is physical activities are very important and beneficial for both fetus and mother.
  2. Do what you like: As long as it is not harmful and addictive in any way. Don’t kill your hobbies. Make time for it other than taking care of your pregnant belly. It is good to invest your time in something that makes you happy. Play, sing, dance or paint, do whatever you like to do. Don’t hold back.
  3. A big no to insecurities:  Pregnancy is a time where your body changes crucially, which is not favorable most of the time. It is totally normal! Do not stress out and feel insecure about your weight or looks. All of it is a part of motherhood and you will get over it once you deliver the baby. Stay patient and motivated. It is important to maintain your composure because no one else can help you better than you.
  4. Cut off alcohols and tobacco: Strictly maintain distance from alcohol and tobacco. Restrict any person in your proximity to stop taking tobacco as passive smoke can be harmful too. Even a little amount is dangerous for your baby.
  5. Eat healthily: It is essential to eat and drink only healthy food. You can give in to your craving sometimes but it is better to eat only healthy stuff.
  6. Exercise: Keep it slow but do exercise. It can help a lot while childbirth and will keep your anxious disturbing thoughts at bay.
  7. Visit a Gynecologist every month: Frequent visits to your doctor are beneficial to maintain a balance of your routine.
  8. Invest your time creatively: Read books, watch movies, play games or listen to songs. Keep yourself invested in creative. There are high chances of your baby to be creative then.
  9. Keep depressive thoughts away: Keep your depressive thoughts away by sharing the concerns with your loved ones. Stay close to the ones who care for you and talk your heart out to them. It is good to share your problems.
  10. Rest well: Try to sleep well. Resting well refreshes your mind making you a little less cranky through mood swings.

Pregnancy is a vigilant stage for you. The lack of experience may double up your responsibility. Don’t let the inexperience of pregnancy fail you to be the best mom for your baby. Try to incorporate all these steps in your routine. It is okay if you cannot follow every one of it. What matters the most is your emotional stability and health. These pieces of advice will help you to take care of yourself in the easiest way. All the best!

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