13 Yoga Poses To Avoid During Pregnancy

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Yoga is highly beneficial to practice during pregnancy but it is important that you do it with the necessary precautions. Yoga lets you relax and breathe and helps you to adjust to the physical demands of labor and birth. It helps to calm your body and your mind and lets you feel healthy both emotionally and physically. It is thus beneficial to enroll in some prenatal yoga classes for your wellbeing.

Yoga poses that need to avoid when you are pregnant

Here are a few pregnancy yoga poses that you avoid practicing when you are pregnant.

  • Jumping exercises – This could cause preterm labor, vaginal bleeding and sometimes even a miscarriage.
  • Twisting poses –This could compress the internal organs and even the uterus
  • Over-stretching – This causes the ligament to soften and this could take longer to heal
  • Shavasana – This is a yoga pose where you lie on your back. It puts pressure on the blood supply of the baby and interferes with the flow of blood and nutrients to the baby.
  • Fast breathing – If an asana requires you to hold your breath then this stops the oxygen supply to the baby also the rapid breathing exercises need to avoid.
  • Inversion poses –Weight gain in pregnant women does not let you keep up your center of gravity and disrupts your body balance. Inversion poses cause dizziness and lets you lose your balance and this is dangerous for the baby
  • Salabhasana- This pose wants you to lie on your belly and put pressure on your belly this need to avoid.
  • Abdominal exercises – The yoga postures that help to strengthen your abdomen that has to avoid. This could cause abdominal muscle separation.
  • Back-bending exercises – This is dangerous to practice when pregnant.
  • Forward bending exercises – This could cause the blood vessels and the nerves that connect to the uterus to compress.
  • Plow poses – These need you to fold over that could put a lot of stress and thus is best avoided
  • Hot yoga – This causes your core temperature to rise which needs to avoid when you’re pregnant.
  • Vinyasa yoga- The Vinyasa yoga pose is a rapid form of yoga that needs to avoid when you are pregnant.
Conclusion Be careful when practicing yoga

Your body goes through many changes when you get pregnant. Your exercise pattern also needs to change with the changes that happen in your body. The yoga poses that you may be practicing before you got pregnant may not be suitable to practice when pregnant as it could cause some complications in your pregnancy. What poses you may have practiced in your first trimester may not be suitable to practice in the third trimester. Take care to understand what is safe to practice and what is not when you do yoga during pregnancy. Make sure to avoid yoga poses during pregnancy that are not safe for you or for the baby. It is also important that you practice yoga under a certified trainer only.