body changes after giving birth

15 mind blowing ways your body changes after giving birth

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Pregnancy, a yet wonderful feeling takes a toll on your body after your baby is born. Some of the changes that you notice post pregnancy can be temporary others can be permanent, mostly they are temporary. Progesterone and estrogen cause the post-pregnancy hormonal imbalances that can lead to sleep loss, mood swings, hair loss, fatigue, and menstrual problems.

Here are some of the ways the body changes after giving birth that’ll blow your mind.

  • The taste bud changes.

There might be food items that a person avoids all their life, and that can change completely after pregnancy, one must start loving the food, and yes also the opposite is possible one must start disliking something completely.

  • Brain and Hormones.

Brain changes this is a change in the neuronal network during pregnancy, the person is prepared to become more responsible and nurturing towards the baby and the attention and focus shifts towards caring for the baby that leads to forgetfulness.

  • The feet grow bigger.

The post-pregnancy hormones can cause this change, and the estrogen is responsible for making the feet grow bigger. The shoes that fit previously wouldn’t fit anymore.

  •    Breasts

Women want to reduce their body weight post-pregnancy, but that might not be a reality for a few weeks and months, the body changes and prepares itself to nurture the baby the breast bulk up in size for the baby to feed upon it.

  • Belly

The uterus takes about 6-8 weeks to get back to normal, but the belly stays for longer, the connecting tissue gets thinner as taw omens belly expands during pregnancy and this causes the waist to become broader.

  • Hips

The hips widen during pregnancy so that its easier for the baby to come through the birth canal. The hormone relaxin is responsible for making the pelvic joints and ligaments relax.

  • Sweat

The body releases the water it stores in the body during pregnancy for the baby through sweat.

  • Hair loss

The estrogen levels are high during pregnancy that can cause the hair to grow thicker although this might change post pregnancy and there can be hair loss, this stays for about six months after having a baby.

  • Urinary and bowel problems

The bladder muscles get stretched during pregnancy and that leads to involuntary passing of urine, uncomfortable bowel movement and the food passing through the intestine may slow down.

Pregnancy can put excessive strain on the back, and the abdomen, the muscles in the abdomen and back take time to regain their form.

  • Vagina

The vagina swells up, and it takes about 6 or more weeks for it to go back to normal, though it doesn’t get back looking the same.

  • Abnormal Bleeding

Fluid from the vagina is normal. It can be blood or the bacteria/ inner lining of the uterus. The color of the fluid gets lighter, but the flow can last for about 2-4 weeks post pregnancy.

  • Stretch marks.

Pregnant women might develop red stretch marks on the belly during pregnancy.

  • Skin Discoloration.

Marks and acne on the face that might have developed during pregnancy may start to clear off; it’s possible that some women develop rashes around the mouth, these rashes are gone in a few weeks post pregnancy.

  • The teeth and eyes.

Changing hormones can cause cavities and gum problems; one can also notice the blurry vision.


Women go through changes during and post pregnancy, changes like hair loss, increase in body weight, breasts, skin and many more are normal and can take about 4-6 weeks to get back to being normal.

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