After Pregnancy Care


Mar, 2019

9 Simple Precautions To Be Taken After Delivery Of Baby

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There are many precautions that you need to take after delivering a baby. The first six weeks after you deliver the baby is the postpartum period. After pregnancy care is important during this period but being a new mother can get very challenging for many. Living sleepless nights and meeting the demand of the baby can let you ignore your after pregnancy care. It is important that the mother takes…

Post Ovulation Pregnancy Test


Mar, 2019

How Many Days Post Ovulation Pregnancy Test

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In order to know how many days post your ovulation, you should be taking a pregnancy test. It is important to understand the process of ovulation, conception, and implantation. It is also important that you understand about the formation of the hCG hormone. And how does the home-pregnancy test detect pregnancy? When the dominant follicle ruptures. The egg released from the ovary and into the close fallopian tube. It takes…