6 Rules Of Bathing During Pregnancy

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6 Important things to bear in Mind While Taking a Bath During Pregnancy

There might be a long list of things about what to do and what not to do during your pregnancy.  One amongst this is not taking bath on a regular basis. Now, this isn’t just weird but an old wives tale that holds no relevance. In fact, a bath is a great way to soothe and relax your sore muscles during pregnancy. However, there are certain precautions, which you need to take care of while taking a bath so as to avoid any kind of mishap.

Listed below are few tips, which if followed can be extremely useful while taking a bath during pregnancy.

  • Ensure Proper Bathwater Temperature: Pregnant women are usually recommended to refrain themselves from soaking in water with very high temperature. This is because too high water temperature can increase your blood pressure while reducing the flow of blood to your unborn baby. This might deprive your baby of essential oxygen and nutrients. So, make sure your bathing water temperature is not more than 36 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Bathe at the Right Time: During pregnancy, a woman’s body becomes all the more sensitive. Consequently, bathing at an odd hour can wreak havoc on your body. So, choose the right time of the day when your body is ready to be bathed. Also, make sure that you do not soak yourself for more than an hour.


  • Avoid Bathing after Having a Meal: Taking a bath after a meal might put you at a risk of hypoglycemia i.e. the blood vessels in your body will expand. So when blood vessels expand, blood will readily flow to the lower parts of your body. Consequently, the blood supply to the abdominal cavity isn’t sufficient for the digestive system to function properly.


  • Seek Someone’s Help before Getting In and Out of the Tub: To avoid falling or tripping off accidentally, make sure you have someone by your side to help you get in and out of the tub. Also use a dry towel or foot mat in your bathroom to keep your bathroom floor dry so as to avoid slipping off.


  • Drink Plenty of Water During Bathing: Soaking for long hours isn’t recommended during pregnancy as this might put the pregnant women at a risk of dehydration. To prevent such a situation, it is important to keep a bottle of water next to your bathtub and sip it regularly.


  • Add Epsom Salt to Your Bath Water: For a calm and refreshing soak, pregnant women are recommended to add Epsom salt to your bath water. Apart from this Epsom salts being rich in Magnesium, which many pregnant women are a deficit in. Adding this salt to your bath water will help remove harmful toxins, cure insomnia, normalize blood pressure, reduce inflammation and improve immune health.

Bathing during pregnancy isn’t just a way to relax your sore muscles or flush out toxins from your body. In fact, it is a time when you can connect with your baby while plan and envision the experiences that you would like to witness during childbirth. So, if you meet the aforementioned criterion’s, you can continue taking a bath every day till the time you give birth.


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