6 Things that should not be worn during Pregnancy

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For a woman, attaining motherhood is one of the most beautiful feelings of her life. The feeling of carrying life and feeling it grow within you that too every moment is an experience that simply cannot be described in words. As an expectant mother, your heart might be filled with joy and enthusiasm, but at the same time, the physical changes in your body might bring you discomfort and uneasiness. Right from the widening of your waists to the enlargement of your breasts, your body undergoes several physical changes. Gradually, you find difficult to slip into your regular clothes and thus lookout for clothes that will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

In fact, anything that causes you discomfort be it clothes, footwear or even make-up items should be avoided during pregnancy. Listed below are a few things that should not be worn during pregnancy.

  • Tight Clothes: Leggings, jeggings, jeans or any such tight-fitting attire that causes you discomfort should be avoided. Clothes that are tight around your waist or tummy should be avoided as they create more pressure on your tummy that might already be unsettled due to nausea or swelling.
  • Synthetic fabrics: During pregnancy, your body undergoes several hormonal changes. Consequently, you might feel hot, sweaty and fatigued. Wearing clothes made up of synthetic fabrics such as polyester will trap body heat and thus cause irritation and discomfort. You should, therefore, opt for natural fabrics such as soft cotton that will allow your skin to breathe by keeping heat and moisture away from your skin.
  • Wrong Undergarments: Whilst being pregnant, your breasts tend to become tender and heavy. Thus, it becomes important to update your bras from the regular ones to the maternity ones. You should choose a correct sized cotton bra that is designed to provide optimum support. You should also avoid synthetic lingerie’s to avoid any sort of rash or bacterial infection in your vaginal area.
  • Heavy Jewellery or Accessories: You tend to get easily fatigued and stressed out during pregnancy. You should thus avoid wearing accessories such as heavy neckpieces, earrings, bangles, etc. that might cause discomfort to you. You might also be allergic to certain metals. So, you must avoid wearing any such jewelry that might cause you an allergic reaction.
  • Heavy Make-up: It’s in you, as well as your baby’s interest to keep your hairdo simple and your make-up light even if you got to attend a function or get together. It is believed that cosmetic products contain certain ingredients such as salicylic acid and retinoid that might be harmful to the baby growing in your womb. Though no substantial evidence has been discovered, it is always better to be on the safer side.
  • Footwear with High-heels: You should bid goodbye to your high-heel footwear such as shoes with wedges, stilettos, etc. during those nine months of your pregnancy. This is because wearing heels beside causing imbalance can also cause backaches, muscle cramps and swelling in your feet. It is advisable to wear flat heel footwears that are far more safe and comfortable.

The aforementioned list of things that should not be worn during pregnancy will certainly help you during your shopping for maternity wear. The whole idea of writing this article is to make your pregnancy journey safe, comfortable and relaxed.

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