7 Common discomforts during pregnancy

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Women have been blessed with the ability to grow, nurture and give birth to a new life. However, during pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes the drastic physical and emotional upheaval. All this can be attributed to the change in the hormonal level, which tends to cause several discomforts to a woman. Enlisted below are some common discomforts that women usually experience at various stages of their pregnancy:

  • Nausea & Vomiting: A common discomfort witnessed by a majority of pregnant women is nausea and vomiting during the wee hours of the day. Also referred to as morning sickness, the symptoms of this discomfort usually begin during the early weeks of pregnancy and subside by the end of the first trimester. By making small dietary and lifestyle changes, they may enjoy a lot of relief.
  • Fatigue: Since a woman’s body undergoes major changes, they tend to feel more tired and fatigued. Fatigue is quite common during the first three months; it is also experienced by some women during advanced pregnancy due to the additional weight of the baby. This might also cause difficulty in sleeping. The best way to deal with this discomfort is to take ample rest.
  • Breathlessness: As a woman’s pregnancy progresses pressure is exerted on the diaphragm by the growing uterus. This makes it difficult for their lungs to expand, which results in shortness of breath. The best way to deal with this discomfort is by practicing certain breathing exercises that can alleviate the symptoms. Keeping their head and chest elevated while sleeping might also help.
  • Indigestion and Heartburn: During pregnancy, some women might feel a burning sensation in their chest. This occurs due to the pressure created on the stomach and intestine that results in reflux of food back into the esophagus. To get alleviate this uneasiness, they should avoid consuming heavy meals and break it into smaller meals to be consumed throughout the day. They should also avoid consuming any sort of over the counter medication without their doctor’s recommendation.
  • Constipation: Constipation is a common discomfort that is experienced by women during pregnancy. The reasons, however, are several. While the hormonal changes might affect the digestive system, the growing uterus can place increased pressure on the intestine and rectum that largely affects the digestion and bowel movement. Pregnant women must increase their fluid intake, increase fiber content in their diet and exercise regularly to prevent constipation.
  • Back Pain: The growing uterus during pregnancy will shift a woman’s center of gravity forward. This puts a lot of strain in the lower back resulting in a backache. In fact, the condition might worsen with advanced pregnancy. It is important to use good body mechanics and maintain proper posture throughout the pregnancy to assuage this discomfort.
  • Frequent Urination: During pregnancy as the uterus expands, a lot of pressure is exerted on the bladder. This results in frequent visits to the washroom for urination. This discomfort occurs mostly during the first and the last trimester. Practicing some sort of kegel exercises after seeking advice from the doctor might be of great help.

A woman’s body undergoes enormous changes during pregnancy, which might result in some sort of irritation or discomfort. While there is rarely any need to be worried about but at times these symptoms might turn out to be alarming. So keep your doctor informed to avoid any major complication.

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