Baby Growth Week 10

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You are now ten weeks pregnant.  Now onward all the changes in the baby are aimed at its growth and maturity.  Presently they are a tiny version of what they will be at birth.

By this time the chances of a miscarriage reduce drastically.  The apprehensions concerning this reduce and the reality and excitement of becoming a mother start manifesting.

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You’re Baby in Week Ten

The end of week ten the baby is now a fetus and no longer an embryo.  Major changes are on the way.  Webbed hands and feet give way to separate fingers and toes.  The bones have begun to get hardened and wonder of wonders the kidneys are producing urine.  The brain development is impressive as nearly 250K neurons are being added every minute.  Development dangers reduce drastically with the baby going from the embryonic stage to the fetus stage.

The baby now moves in the warm amniotic fluid.  It has grown to nearly two inches long.  The body is more proportionate.  The fingers and toes are visible and the ankles and wrists are formed.  The yolk sac has separated and the umbilical cord is visible.  Now the thyroid gland is operating thereby regulating the body’s own chemistry. The gallbladder is secreting bile and the pancreas is making digestive enzymes.   These will be required for digesting food after birth.


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