Baby Growth Week 11

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This is the eleventh week of your pregnancy.  Just imagine that you will be in your second trimester in just two weeks from now.  This is the stage when the effects of the HCG hormone reduce. What this implies is less morning sickness and much fewer mood swings.  By the end of the 13th week, you will be much more energetic and the lethargic feeling you have had will disappear.

Is this the baby bump appearing or is it just gas?  Yes, at the time of 11 weeks the baby bump does start appearing.  For the first time mothers, it is still not apparent but the ones with twins will definitely start showing a baby bump.  For second time moms, the baby bump will start making an appearance.

You’re Baby in Week Eleven

By week 10 and eleven, your baby has started to breathe.  The inhaling of small amounts of amniotic fluid helps full in development of the lungs.  The baby’s ears are taking position alongside the head and the head still remains disproportionately larger than the rest of the body.

At this stage, the baby has started to sleep and wake up.  Its sleep cycle is just five to ten minutes long.  The genital organs are formed at this stage,  However, it may be yet too early to determine the gender of the baby by ultrasound.

Your baby is growing and finalizing its shape.  Though your circulatory system is still the passage for nutrients and oxygen for your baby, its own blood supply is starting to function.  The pancreas is starting to produce insulin and the intestines are beginning to form. Now the baby’s skin is starting to lose its transparency as layers are being added.  The jaw is hardening and tooth buds are being formed.

Now the baby is no longer a fetus but has now become an embryo.  This basically means the baby is starting to look more human.  The nose is getting defined, eyes are positioning as required on the head and the ears move further back.  The eyes remain closed even though the eyelids and lenses are formed.


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