Baby Growth Week 14

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Welcome to the second trimester of your pregnancy.  For the mathematically inclined this is the start of the fourth month which is week fourteen to week seventeen.  Your fifth month of pregnancy will be week 18 to week 21.  The final month of this trimester will be the sixth month from week 22 to week 26.

What does the second trimester mean?  This 14th week most of the new mothers will feel more energetic and morning sickness will now become history.  This would mean that food now smells good and tastes even better.

The baby bump is now beginning to show. Do not worry if your bump is not noticeable.  This totally depends on the type of body structure you have.  Second-time mothers may start showing the bump a little late.

This is the time to get going on your exercise routine and keep your body fit.  You need to be healthy and fit for a trouble-free birthing routine.  So go ahead and plan your weekly walks. Why not give Yoga a try.

Your Baby in Week Fourteen

How does your baby look like in the first week of your second trimester?  It is about three to four inches tall, has a neck and the eyes are a little closer above the bridge of the nose.  The arms are proportionately longer than the legs at this stage. The weight would be approximately just a little less than two ounces. Now very fine hair, also known as lanugo is growing all over the body.  This is meant to protect the baby’s skin.  Some hair is developing on the head and eyelashes and eyebrows begin to appear.

The reproductive organs of the body are developing as the baby’s thyroid gland starts to produce hormones.  For male children, the prostate glands develop at this stage.  For females, the ovaries descend.  Now bone marrow is developing and has blood.

It is possible to determine the sex of the baby at this stage.  In India, it is illegal to try to determine the sex of the baby before birth.  The reason for this is the case of female infanticides.  However, in most other countries, your doctor can tell you the sex of the baby you have conceived through a sonogram.  However, some parents like to keep this as a surprise for themselves and can ask the doctor not to reveal the sex of the baby to them.  It is your choice!

Your prenatal ultrasound reveals a number of other things.  The developing bones show themselves as they grow whiter.  Movement of the facial muscles is evident.

The good news is that the chances of miscarriage are now decreased very much.


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    • Healtheoz

      Yes, through Tiffa Scan you can know your baby gender. This scan is usually done between 18-23 weeks. Doctors do detailed study on fetus, during this scan where each and every part of the fetus imaged.


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