Baby Growth Week 15

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From this week on you might notice a slight bump below your bellybutton. As your womb is growing with the baby and has outgrown from the pelvis, to come up higher in your belly. If it’s not the case yet for you, then remember every woman is different. For some, the baby bump, won’t be visible this soon but for most second-time mum and mum with twins, the belly bump shows up sooner. We would recommend you to go out for maternity clothes and lingerie  shopping (or buy as you grow as the maternity clothes can be costly)

Your doctor might ask you for an amniocentesis test between 15 to 17 week. This diagnostic test is for detecting various genetic abnormalities in the fetus, like Down syndrome.

Your baby in week Fifteen

Your baby is the size of an apple! Your baby can make funny expressions like smiling, squinting and even frowning in the womb. The skin of your baby is very thin like a paper, where blood vessels run like a cluster of very thin wires. You may experience some slight flutter for the first time in your womb. The baby starts moving from 7th week. But some moms feel them in 14 to 26th week or few experience them in 18 to 22 week.  It is developing lanugo. These are fine hair that would cover the body and protect the skin in the womb. These hair fall naturally just before the due date inside the womb. Babies born earlier may have lanugo, but they would fall naturally in few days or weeks (there is no need to rub them as rubbing the skin of a new born baby is not at all recommended).  The baby’s need of calcium increases as it continues to absorb calcium and form bones from cartilages in its body.

Its ears are taking their position, and it might be able to turn its head. The baby at this stage  would have few reflexive movements where it can make fists and point its toes.


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