Baby Growth Week 17

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The end of the 17th week of pregnancy translates to four months.  Though the baby is still very small, your body is adjusting to the growth expected.  This means your balance can get affected as the center of gravity shifts.  You need to be very careful as a misstep leading to a fall can be dangerous to both you and the baby. The other news is now the baby has graduated to develop sweat glands.

You’re Baby in Week Seventeen

Your baby is now a whopping 5 inches long.  It is striving to learn to breathe by inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid.  Its size is a little more proportionate now.  Body fat is being deposited under the skin and sweat glands are developing.  Note that now the placenta is nearly the same size as the baby and this provides the oxygen, proteins, minerals, and vitamins for growth and also for removal of waste and filtering carbon dioxide.

The baby is stronger now and this means that you may be able to feel the slight flutter as it moves its arms and legs.  The first signs of nipples on the chest now appear.

Till now the baby was busy developing all the organs.  Now it will be adding bulk by the way of fat tissue.  This fat tissue will help in regulating its temperature.  This is being done by you now but will have to be done by the fat tissue once it is born.

The baby is also now looking more and more human and resembles less and less an alien.  This is quite visible in the sonogram.  It now weighs nearly three and a half ounces. The eyes are nearly in the final position on the head and the ears have begun to function.


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