Baby Growth Week 19

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What does the baby look like in week 19?  It is now nearly six inches long and weighs a little less than 9 ounces.

Your uterus is now nearly level with your navel.  The bump is prominent now and with this changing shape comes some new problems.  The center of gravity of your body is shifting and this makes you clumsy.  Try to maintain your balance and be deliberate in your movements so that you do not stumble and fall.

The new posture also results in backaches for most women.  Adjusting to the new shape and center of gravity can be dealt with a few precautions.  Walk straight and do not slouch.  This put less pressure on your spine.  Exercise strengthens you so take your doctor’s advice and walk, do yoga, do stretching exercise, etc.  Do not wear heels and lace fewer shoes will be a blessing at this stage.

You’re Baby in Week Nineteen

In the 19th week, the baby is now nearly six to seven inches long and weighs about six to seven ounces.  The facial features are now getting the final shape and the ears and eyes have taken to correct position in the face.

In preparation for birth, a lot of things are happening.  Myelin, a fatty substance is being made which coats the nerves and this insulation makes it possible for electrical impulses to travel from the brain to the tips of the body and back.  The number of nerve cells is now the same as that of an adult.

Another insulation being made is vernix caseosa which is a greasy white coating meant to protect the baby skin from the amniotic fluid which can be quite harsh.  This coating will last well into the third trimester.  Babies born early are seen covered with this yogurt like substance.  That fatty coating on your baby’s body is getting thicker. The skin is loose and wrinkled as the fat deposits are still being made.

The baby is stronger now.  It can move its arms and legs and you may be able to feel these movements.

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