Baby Growth Week 20

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Week twenty means you are halfway through your pregnancy.  Though pregnancies can be up to 42 weeks it is common for there to be a plus or minus two weeks at the 40 weeks mark.

At this stage the baby is now nearly 10 inches long if measured from heel to to head.  If measured from crown of the head to the rump it is still only about seven inches long and weighs about 11 ounces.

Another important measurement taken by your doctor is the size of the uterus.  It is nearly at the level of your navel and will be inching up at the rate of one centimeter per week.

You’re Baby in Week Twenty

Your baby in week 20 now starts looking more and more human and is a miniature of the baby that will be born. It is now nearly 10 inches long and is much more proportionate from head to toe.  The eyes and ears are in their final position on the face and have started to functions.  The baby can now hear sounds in the womb.  The nails on its fingers and toes are growing along with the hair on the scalp.  The skin is putting on layers but there is still a lot of maturing of the organs to be done.

The baby’s lungs are not yet developed enough for it to breathe normally.  It is ingesting amniotic fluid and this contributes to the nutrients it requires to grow.

You may be able to feel its movements now.  It can kick and wriggle and seems to be more active when you are lying down or trying to sleep.