Baby Growth Week 24

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This week the baby is approximately 1⅓ pounds or nearly 600 grams.  It is now nearly 11 and a half inches or 30 centimeters long.  All the baby needs in its development now is to put on weight and mature.  The baby has put on nearly 4 to 6 ounces in the last week. (You may have gained much more weight than that).

It is natural to compare your progress in pregnancy with others in the same condition.  Always remember that shape of the bump, your weight gain, aches, and pains depend to a large extent on your genes, your BMI (Body Mass Index), your metabolism and your level of activity among a host of still other factors.  Still keeping a track of your weight gain will ensure you are on the right track even if it is not ideal.

You’re Baby in Week Twenty-Four

What does the baby’s weight of more than a pound mean?  As per the doctors, the baby has now become viable.  It has a better than 50% chance of survival with intensive care if premature birth takes place.

This weight will multiply 6 to 7 times in the remaining weeks of your pregnancy.  During the remaining weeks of pregnancy, your baby will gain about 6-7 pounds. The ears are now developed and the baby is increasingly sensitive to sound.  The first sounds it gets used to is the mother’s voice.  Research on this has shown that after birth the baby reacts more to the mother’s voice than to all other sounds or voices of other people.

The baby can be observed (through ultrasound) to be very active and playful.  The only thing it has is the umbilical cord which it grabs with its tiny fingers and tries to pull.  No cause for worry as the umbilical cord is very strong and the blood flow and pressure prevents it from kinking and keeps it extended

The lungs of the baby are being exercised by taking in amniotic fluid and expelling it.  It now begins to produce surfactant, a fluid necessary for it to breath outside the womb.

The baby continues to add on fat tissue and you are able to fell its movements more and more with its increasing weight and strength.


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