Baby Growth Week 25

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It ’s almost six months into your Pregnancy. Your baby is growing comfortably inside you and it’s clearly visible by your growing baby belly. It may not be so comfortable sleeping right now. Try sleeping at your sides, sleeping on your back presses down on the vein carrying blood from the lower body to the heart and to the placenta.  A foamy long breastfeeding pillow may assist in sleeping or you can also put the extra pillows between your legs and try sleeping.

As the due date nears your thoughts would be accompanied by planning for the baby’s arrival.  The baby’s needs and the choice for a maternity center would be overwhelming if you are a first-time mom. There are so many options and choices for the expecting Parents, that it may be all seemingly confusing. We would suggest you make a list of hospitals you want to choose to deliver the baby and also slowly form a list of things you would require for the hospital bag and also for welcoming the baby home.

As the due date nears in three weeks you would be entering the third trimester, your body may counter issues like Constipation, Headaches, Leg cramps, Hemorrhoids, Heartburn, Gas and bloating. It would be a good idea to add more fiber and plenty of water to your diet. Some Magnesium supplements or food might help with the leg cramps.

 Your Baby in Week Twenty-Five

Your baby is a size of cauliflower now and its’ waking and resting periods have got stabilized. The baby is growing hair and also accumulating fat. This week it has grown a foot long and about 600 gms in weight. The baby is busy forming capillaries under the skin and filling them with blood. By the end of this week, your baby will develop capillaries under its’ lungs. This would get it ready for the first breath of air the moment it comes out by. But right now, the baby’s lungs development has a long way to go. It cannot breathe. You may feel occasional sessions of hiccups.

Its’ eyes may have started already to blink. It may also close them while sleeping. It tastes buds and its’ hearing has now started to develop. Your baby may respond to outside voices, whether it likes it is too soon to tell.

You may feel depressed or down sometimes. But if the feeling continues for a week or above, it would be important to discuss it with your doctor and please let your doctor speak about the seriousness of the situation with your partner, your family or friends.

Your body may start preparing for labor and you would feel them like not so frequent contractions these are called Braxton Hicks contractions. They would feel like a tightening of your uterus for some time and then just go away. These contractions differ from the real deal as they are not as frequent and don’t happen so regularly. One may test if these contractions are not the real labor ones is to change positions, by changing sleeping positions or walking a bit. Real contractions will happen repeatedly. They would not stop by changing positions and would grow stronger and frequent. We would suggest you to time the contractions when you believe there are real contractions and if required call your doctor. Many moms to go into preterm labor and the risk increases by not reporting the real contractions early enough. For moms to be with twins, the risk of early labor increases in the 25th week. The preterm labor can sometimes be stopped when detected early enough. Consultation with your doctor is absolutely necessary.

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