Baby Growth Week 26

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Your baby is growing steadily and is also trying out some new tricks! You are 26 weeks pregnant and your baby weighs 1 ¾ pound and is about 14 inches long, approximately the weight of a cabbage. Is it not getting a little heavy now?

You have come along a long way and all this while it is the thought of the baby and your pregnancy that is dominating you. It may sometimes feel that all your thoughts are only centered on the baby. Is the baby doing OK? Are you doing the best for your baby? How long more for the delivery? You may at times start to feel that you are forgetting things. Believe me, this is not just you but it happens to all pregnant women. It is completely natural. Pregnancy is a major thing and with so many hormonal changes, there is nothing to worry about these symptoms of forgetfulness.

You’re Baby in Week Twenty-Six

You have enjoyed the delightful first kicks of your baby. Now be prepared to say an “ouch”. This is because the baby is now crossing the 14-inch length and its weight is also 2 pounds. Your baby’s movements are stronger now and your partner can also feel it easily if he places his hand on your belly. Ask your partner to put his head on your belly and he may even be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat. Your baby is still in the head up or the breech position. This is because your uterus that is pear-shaped offers the baby more legroom.

Your baby is almost 25 percent of its birth weight, though it is still tiny. It is going to add some more ounces in the next few weeks. Its spine is getting stronger and if your baby was to be delivered now then there is almost an 80 percent chance that it will survive. Your baby can now inhale, exhale and even cry. The lanugo hair that was all over its body is disappearing and by the 7th month, it will be completely gone. There will however be some on the back and shoulders. Your baby’s eyes are becoming sensitive and your baby would notice if you were to shine a light on your belly.

Your baby is experiencing some rapid changes now. The changes are very subtle and its whole body is developing.

At this stage, the baby is generating pigment that will add color to its skin. There is no pigment on the hair on its head. You could see some white locks if you were to see the color images of the scalp and its face. Not all babies will have hair on their head when they are born. This is nothing to worry about. The hair will grow out soon. Babies who are born with hair may lose some of them. The hair color also tends to change as the baby grows old. So if your baby is born with dark hair during birth, do not be surprised if it gets lighter with age.

Your baby has hair on its scalp and also some soft downy hair all over its body. This is called lanugo. Lanugo helps the baby’s skin to thicken and develop. It also insulates it in the utero. Sometimes between the 33rd and the 36th week of pregnancy, the baby will shed this lanugo while it is preparing for birth.


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