Baby Growth Week 27

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You are over six months pregnant now! Your baby is growing from being just a couple of cells to almost 2 pounds and 14 ½ inches tall. It is now as big as a cauliflower. This is also the end of your second trimester. You are now through two-thirds of your pregnancy and there are just 3 more months left for the D-day.

After the 27th week, your second trimester ends. Just 13 weeks back your baby weighed only an ounce. Now it is almost 2 pounds. All its major body parts have started to develop and work but there is still some time left for its system to get matured and for it to put on some more weight. If the baby was to be born at this stage then there is almost a 90 percent chance that it would survive.

You’re Baby in Week Twenty-Seven

Your baby is now chubby because of the fat deposits that continue to accumulate beneath its skin. This looks pinkish in color because the blood vessels are very close to the surface. It is these fat deposits that will give it the required energy and insulate it against the cold weather. When this weekends, the baby will mostly weigh more than 2 pounds. Your placenta is fully developed now.

The baby is still kicking hard and it may tend to worry you if it suddenly stops kicking. How much a baby kicks is not because of its health but because of its personality. If you want to still be sure then do an average kick count. Just lie on your left side in the early evenings after you have eaten. This is the best time in most cases. Then keep a check on the time to see how long it takes you to notice 10 movements. Do this for a week each day. Then average the number of kicks. Remember that as you enter the 9th month of pregnancy the baby’s movements would slow down because it has less room to move now.

The first trimester is the time when the baby develops while in the second trimester it makes new formations and adds definition to its character and looks. For example, your baby’s ears start to take shape when you are eight weeks pregnant. They are low on the baby’s oversized head. But as the baby grows the body balances with the head and the ear moves to the correct position. When you reach the 15th week of pregnancy the ears fall in its proper place and its nerve endings also start to work between the brain and the ear which lets the baby hear. The sound would be all muffled because the thick vernix caseosa covers the baby’s body but it can now know the difference between the bark of a dog and the sound of your voice. When you are at the end of the second trimester, the baby’s hearing will be developed and it will also be able to respond to the sound that it hears outside the womb.

In the second trimester, your baby’s arms and legs also see changes. In the first trimester, its appendages were tiny buds when you were six weeks pregnant. In the weeks after that its arms and legs became elongated and bones start to form under the translucent skin. By the end of the second trimester, its arms and legs are almost the same sizes as it would be at the time of birth. It is also proportional to body size. The growth happens inwards and not the other way round. When you are two weeks into the second trimester, the bones start to harden and this process is called ossification. When you are 22 weeks pregnant, the bones begin to produce fetal red blood cells. At birth, its bones will be capable of providing all the red blood cells that its body needs.

In the third trimester, the baby enters the weight gain phase and its development also matures. It is not long when your baby will be ready to greet you and you will be able to see its growth, its face, and its perfect fingers and toes.

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