Baby Growth Week 28

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Welcome to your third trimester! It is Week 28 now and also your 7th month. You have mixed emotions and lots of anxiety. There are a thousand things that you have to do and you have even more things to worry about. Take out some time to relax this week and try to take your mind off the worries. You could treat yourself to something relaxing this week.

Your baby is now 14 3/4 inches and 21/4 pounds. It is almost the size of a huge eggplant. A lot of mummies complain that they are missing out on sleep at this stage. The leg cramps start to increase especially at night. Your bump is also getting bigger each day and does not let you stay comfortable. Your baby is big enough now to wake you up with its kicks. Be prepared to get up at nights because of the sudden kicks. There are many other things that add to the sleepless nights. Hormonal changes and worries can keep you awake. Just relax, have a hot beverage and listen to a soothing song before you pull up your blanket to sleep.

You and your baby are just about to go into your third trimester. At 28 weeks, yours as well as the baby’s anatomy is ready for delivery. Your breast will start to produce and sometimes leak colostrum. Colostrum is a yellowish, antibody-rich substance and this will be your baby’s first food for its first few days. The Braxton Hicks contractions are preparing your muscle for labor. You and your baby are almost ready now and the time to your delivery is nearing day by day.

You’re Baby in Week Twenty-Eight

Your baby is now able to open and close its eyes. It will also be able to suck its thumb in the inclined position. Your baby is close to 2 ½ pounds now. If the baby is a boy then its testes will soon descend into its scrotum.

Your baby’s brain is developing rapidly now. An ultrasound of your baby at 28 weeks will show its head to be larger in proportion to its body. At birth, a human baby’s brain will account for 12 percent of its body weight. Your baby already has approximately 100 billion brain cells that it will have at birth. However, it still has to build connections between them in order to form the neurological network that will let it control everything from its footsteps to its speech.

During its first year, the baby’s brain grows faster than that of any other mammal. This burns a lot of calories and the baby will need a diet which is 50 percent fat to fuel all the growth. Breast milk and formula are both designed to offer the baby the required balance. It is good that the brains building process in the baby starts after birth otherwise its head would have been too large to fit through your pelvis.

The placental blood flow is increasing to support the baby’s rapid growth during the third trimester. The placenta is growing as well. The placenta weighed only 6 ounces in the 20th week of pregnancy but now it is almost close to 15 ounces.

You are in your last trimester. While it may feel to you that your belly is just about to burst, the truth is that your baby still has plenty of growing left. In fact, this trimester is all about your baby’s weight. At about the 30th week, your baby will start to gain a ½ pound each week.  In the first trimester, your baby was gaining a fraction of an ounce each week and now it is gaining 1 pound every two weeks.

All that baby weight is filling its chubby cheeks. Now that all its major body systems are in place and functioning, it needs padding to protect and insulate its organs. Its built-up fat tissue will also help to regulate its body temperature after birth and give it the energy that it needs.

Because your baby is adding fat and is growing bigger, you may notice that its movement is becoming less frequent. This is because it is now getting hard for it to maneuver. It was once able to move freely, kicking its leg and moving its arms. Now space is cramped that is restricting its movement. You will start to feel more persistent pushes. This is absolutely normal. The lack of space is a clue that your delivery date is coming closer. Your health care provider will evaluate the baby’s position during the prenatal visits to check if it has started to point its head down in preparation for birth. To get a closer look your health care provider may even request for an ultrasound. If you get an ultrasound in the third trimester then you will notice that your baby’s entire length does not fit in the screen view.