Baby Growth Week 29

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You have now started to get to know about your baby’s personality by the way it moves. Those jabs and kicks let you know if your little one is a gentle dancer or an active ninja. It is time that you started finalizing some details. This could be like buying the baby care essentials and also checking out on some daycares in your area. You should start packing your hospital bag with the things that you will need when you are admitted to the hospital for your delivery. Leave it somewhere and keep adding items as and when you remember something. This will ensure that your hospital bag is ready when you are to get admitted.

Your baby is almost the size of an acorn squash at Week 29. It measures around 15.2 inches and is 2.5 pounds in weight. There is still some time to go for your baby to triple its weight before birth.

You’re Baby in Week Twenty-Nine

Your baby’s hearing is well developed and it can startle at a loud noise. It will soon start to turn its head to hear sounds outside your body.

By now your baby is over 2 ½ pounds and around 15 inches tall. It is beginning to store fat below its pink skin and may have already formed the baby dimples on its knee and elbows. Baby girls weigh lesser at birth than boys. If this is your second or third pregnancy then the baby may weigh more than your last issue.

As it does not get lots of room now, the baby may bow its head towards its knees. It will curl itself like it did when it was tiny. The baby is long so you will be able to notice the kicks more. Those fluttery motions are a thing of the past. It feels like someone is elbowing you to move. Play a game with your partner where you guess the body part of the baby. You need to distinguish between the baby’s knee and heel.

Your baby’s bones continue to develop this week. You may notice that they have become stronger and more solid, each time it gives you a jab on your ribs.

The bones mature in the utero but they are also flexible. This is to allow more growth. not only in the womb but also when the baby is born. The baby’s bones will grow and continue to harden well into its childhood.

Flexible bones are also needed for delivery. The bones on the baby’s head are made of large pieces. The cranium plates are not fused together but they come together towards the center and top of the forehead of the unborn baby. This is commonly known as a soft spot in babies. Because the skull pieces are not fixed together but can move, this makes it easy for the baby’s head to push through the birth canal.

Instead, if the unborn baby’s skull was hard and immovable, then it would have been impossible to deliver a baby through the opening of the cervix even if were to dilate to 10- centimeters.


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