Baby Growth Week 30

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You now are entering Week 30. This means that there are just 10 more weeks left until your due date. Do you know that now your baby has doubled in length as compared to what it was 6 weeks back? Now it is 15 ¾ inches long and just a little below 3 pounds. It is almost the size of a green coconut.

It is during this week that your baby’s eyesight will develop and it will be able to track light. Some researchers have pointed out that when you shine a light on your belly it may actually stimulate development in the baby. You may want to give it a try. Another change this week is in your baby’s skin. It is getting smooth and its brain is getting wrinkly. The wrinkles in the brain create more surface area for the neural connections to form and this later allows the formation of complex thoughts.

Try tapping on your belly and your baby will kick or poke back at exactly the same spot that you touched. You can actually start to play with your baby even before it is born. When it kicks rubs your tummy and talk softly or sing. It may help to calm it down.

 You’re Baby in Week Thirty

Your baby is around 3 pounds now. It is growing at a very fast rate and if it continues to grow at this rate then it may reach 200 pounds on its first birthday! To accomplish this final growth in the third trimester, the baby will continue to get the nutrients from your body. It will get the calcium required for its bones, protein for its muscles and iron for producing red blood cells. You may suffer from anemia or feel more tired because of this.

Like most babies, your baby will have blue eyes now. Once it is born its eyes may turn brown after it gets exposed to the natural sunlight. This will form the pigment in the iris. The hair on its head will now to grow, and all the fine and downy lanugo hair will start to fall off from its body.

Even though the baby is as long as it will be at birth, it will continue to gain weight faster as it adds a layer of fat to its lanky limbs. Its brain is developed like a full term newborn brain. However, its brain will keep growing as its brain cells are making connections that will allow it to develop its speech and memory.

Your baby’s weight is going to increase from now till it is born. It will add around ½ pound each week. All that weight is making it more difficult for the baby to move. You may be able to feel this slow down in your baby’s movements. This is absolutely normal. But in case you do not feel any jabs or an occasional kick then meet your doctor.

In case there is any concern then your doctor will ask you to keep a track of your baby’s movements. You will be asked to record your baby’s kicks, jabs, wiggles and somersaults over a two hour period. The baby should move at least 10 times in that period. Keep in mind that these movements need to be tracked when the baby is awake. If you do not get 10 movements do not panic. Try to do the test for another two hours. In case you still do not feel any movements then meet your healthcare provider so she knows about your concern. She may want you to keep recording your baby’s movements for the next few days and then will ask you to come for an evaluation. The evaluation may or may not include an ultrasound examination.

Even if there are no concerns with your baby’s development, kick counts can be a fun and valuable exercise for the mom. Following your baby’s movement will also let you know about its schedule. Most likely this will also be its schedule after it is born. So if you really want to know when you would have to do the feedings and when is the time to relax, this can be a cheat for you!


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