Baby Growth Week 31

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It is unbelievable that all the five senses of your baby are now developed at Week 31. Your baby is also getting smarter day by day. You may feel that you are turning dumb but this is not the case. Many women during this phase of their pregnancy feel that they have become absent-minded. Some may say that “pregnancy brain” is nothing but do you’re collect any time in your life when you had so many things to think about? I guess no. That is the basic reason why you feel so forgetful at week 31 of your pregnancy.

At week 31 the baby is almost the size of a muskmelon. It is about 16.2 inches long and it weighs around 3.3 pounds. The baby is growing so big that it is crowding your lungs and this is the reason why you feel so tired even when walking up the stairs.

You’re Baby in Week Thirty-One

At this stage, you may start to observe that your baby is moving more when you talk to it. You will also start to feel different kinds of kicks as the baby’s body starts to grow. The kicks have now become harder and may even hurt especially if it is kicking on your groin.

Your baby is almost 3 ½ pounds this week and almost 16 inches in length. Its belly is hard and round and this is because its body is producing red blood cells continuously. Some babies will form a full head of hair by this week while others may still be bald. It is common to feel hiccups of your baby at this stage and sometimes they are so strong that they may even wake you up at night.

For some fun, shine a light on your stomach and notice your baby change its movements. If it does not then chances are that your baby may be napping. Try it again after a few hours. You may also press against your abdomen and feel the baby’s kick. Just try placing a book on your stomach and your baby may kick it off too.

Now your baby is formed fully and its major organs have also started to function properly. It is just adding on to its weight. Its reproductive organs are also making some adjustments. Its testicles are moving into the scrotum from the groin. For the girls, the clitoris is well developed now. In case you have an ultrasound now then you can concentrate on these little details that you may have not noticed before.

If you are able to see your baby’s face closely during the ultrasound then you may see its eyes open and shut. You may even be able to see the eyebrows and the eyelashes. If it is a 3D image then you would be able to see its distinct facial features. You may be able to spot that your baby has a nose like his grandfather or dimples like your husband.

You may also be able to see some of your baby’s movements that get captured in the ultrasound. For example, you may see your baby suck its thumb or stick out its tongue. You may also be able to see your baby yawn. Your baby could be battling the hiccups or kicking when you see it on the screen. The sonographer may point out these movements to you and will also let you know if your baby’s well-being.


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