Baby Growth Week 32

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Almost ready now? At week 32 your baby’s birth still seems to be a far way away. But the truth is that you and your baby are getting ready at a fast rate now, just in case there is an early birth. You may be dealing with some things on your list like telling your health insurance company about the new arrival or maybe checking about how to install a car seat. Your 32 weeks fetus is now in the head down position most probably or it will be probably turning soon. It is now ready to take the trip down the birth canal. You still have lots of time to prepare yourself mentally for that.

Your baby is now roughly 16 ½ inches and 3 ¾ pounds. When you are at 32 weeks of your pregnancy, the baby’s size is like pineapple and upside down. Do you remember the time when your baby was only the size of a poppy seed?

You’re Baby in Week Thirty-Two

Your baby now has fixed sleep and wake cycles and it is sleeping almost 70 percent of the time. Ultrasound states that somewhere between Week 32 and Week 36 the baby will also start to have dreams. The baby will also have a definite period of REM or the rapid eye movement sleep and non REM sleep. It will also have times when it will be quiet alert and this is the time when it will be listening to sounds outside of the dark room.

The baby is almost 4 pounds now and it is big enough to survive outside of the womb. Its lungs are maturing and its heart rate is slowing down a bit. As per research, the fetal heart rate speeds up when the mother gets stressed. Thus, it is important that you be relaxed and let your baby stay peaceful.

Your baby is kicking and this is a good thing. Once you put your baby on your belly after it is born, it will move its way up to your breasts and this is where it will latch to nurse.

There are several reasons why your doctor may suggest an ultrasound in the third trimester. The doctor may ask you to go for an ultrasound because it is routine, or she may ask you to do so in case there is something specific that she wants to check.

This is the list of some of the reasons why the doctor may ask you to perform an ultrasound:

  • Fetal growth evaluation – The sonographer will measure some parts of the baby’s body to confirm that it is growing well
  • Abdominal or pelvic pain and vaginal discharge –The ultrasound may indicate the reason for any aches or blood discharge
  • Cervical insufficiency – The sonographer will carefully evaluate the cervix to be sure that it hasn’t started to efface or shorten, or dilate which can be because of a heavy baby pushing itself down the cervix.
  • Determining fetal presentation – The ultrasound will let the sonographer confirm whether the baby is in the proper position for birth which is if it is head down and towards the pelvis.
  • Evaluation of the well-being of the fetus – The ultrasound examination will let the sonographer check if the baby is moving
  • Rupture of membrane prematurely or premature labor – In case you have any preterm labor pains then the ultrasound will be able to confirm if the cervix is effacing. Any other signs of your body getting ready for birth can also be checked.
  • Placenta previa – In case your earlier ultrasounds had indicated that you have placenta previa or if your doctor may suspect this condition then an ultrasound will be done to confirm that the placenta is still placed over the cervical opening.


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