Baby Growth Week 33

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This is your last trimester and you should be particularly careful about what you eat. You need to be sure to have at least 200 extra calories. It is not good to skip meals since being hungry can lead to heart burns and this will also cause acidity. If you have long gaps between your meals then it will make you feel tired and fatigued. Drink juices and healthy drinks like grape juice, almond milk, carrot juice or apple juice. You should also have healthy snacks like cheese rolls, baked spinach and chicken and vegetable fry made with less oil.

If this is your first pregnancy then you will have all the time to focus on yourself and on your partner. But in case you have elder children then you may not get a lot of time for yourself. Try to have some time for yourself every day and be in the moment. Let the thoughts of the future not strain you.

You are already Week 33 pregnant and your little one is going to be in your arms soon. Time just flies away!

You’re Baby in Week Thirty-Three

During your final pregnancy week, your baby is entering the finishing period. This is how your baby is now. Its organs, skeleton and its body are well formed abut it still needs some time to get ready to come into the world. By now your baby is 4 ½ pounds in weight and is more than 17 inches long. It is pushing the uterus towards your rib cage. Its toenails have completely grown now and so has the hair on its head.

Your amniotic fluid is at the highest level. The placenta is still giving oxygen to your baby through the umbilical cord but your baby is practicing how to breathe regularly. It is swallowing the amniotic fluid as it opens and closes its mouth and exercises its diaphragm muscles. It continues to store iron in its liver and its brain cell connections are spreading like tiny branches of a tree. The neurons and synapses are developing between its brain cells and these are forming connections so that the baby will have the skill to survive as an infant.

An ultrasound will let your health care provider and you get an inside look of the woman in the weeks that lead to your delivery. If your doctor has any concerns with the baby’s health or with your pregnancy then she may ask you to get a biophysical profile or a BPP done. This is an evaluation of the baby’s well-being using an ultrasound examination and a non-stress test.

The ultrasound position of the BPP has four parts. In over 30 minutes the sonographer will look at:

  • The fetal breathing movement-The sonographer will look closely at the lungs of the unborn baby and the sonographer will watch the baby’s lung movements and watch the berating motions.
  • Body movements – The sonographer will look at how the baby moves its body, head, arms, and legs.
  • Fetal tone – The baby should be able to extend or flex its arms, legs and its fingers at this stage. Your sonographer will check if your baby can make these movements.
  • Amniotic fluid –The sonographer will take various measurements of the dark spaces in the ultrasound image and determine the volume of the amniotic fluid in the uterus. The fluid level should be within a certain range and if the fluid level is decreased when there is a problem with your pregnancy.


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