Baby Growth Week 34

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There are only 6 weeks more for your pregnancy to reach the 40-week stage! You are now 34 weeks pregnant and your baby is 17 ¾ inches tall and weighs 4 ¾ pounds. It is as big as a watermelon. It can hear clearly at this stage and is also able to recognize songs. As per research, if you sing a particular song to your baby now then it will recognize it when it comes out from your belly. The song could also help to soothe it down. Your baby is familiar with your voice and is already attached to it. Why not sing a lullaby or play a tune to soothe your baby now?

Your baby is putting on fat in Week 34. This is making its skin soft and smooth. Your body is now boosting your immunity and it is pumping antibodies to your baby so that it has a strong immune system when it comes into the world. In case you have concerns about a preterm baby then the good news is that babies who are born at this week face no long term problems with their health. Is that not a big relief?

You’re Baby in Week Thirty-Four

Your baby is about to arrive in just a few weeks. This week its protective vernix caseosa, that is the cheese like white and waxy coating that is keeping its skin safe has started to thicken. This ensures that the baby stays smooth and moisturized when it arrives. Your baby will likely come out covered in the vernix caseosa and you may observe it especially under the folds of its arms, behind its ears and in the groin area. But this will get washed off when your baby takes its first bath.

Most of the weight that the baby is gaining now will be stored as fat. This will help to insulate it against the cold world when it is born. Your baby is now almost 5 pounds and it has almost no room to move. This does not mean that it will stop moving altogether but there will definitely be a little change in the way it used to bump and thump. Now your baby closes its eyes when it is asleep and keeps it opens it when it is awake. It has also learned how to blink.

At this point, your baby’s brain is well developed and it has the ability to see, hear, and learn and also to remember. Your baby is now an individual and very soon you will be able to meet your baby.

Your unborn baby is ready to make its big arrival. But the closer it comes out near to the due date, the better it is. Your baby’s body is still gaining weight and maturing. Many of its bodily systems such as those that help in digestion are practicing the functions that they will offer afterbirth.

Your baby also practices how to expand and contract its lungs. But only towards the end of your pregnancy will the baby’s lungs produce surfactant that is able to open up. It is the lack of surfactant that makes it difficult for premature babies to breathe after they are born.

During the birthing process, the amniotic fluid gets pushed out of the lungs of the baby. As the baby makes its way through the cervix and then squeezes through the vagina, the amniotic fluid also gets flushed out. When the baby is born through a C-section it cannot expel out the fluid naturally. The medical staff thus helps the infant to flush out the fluid. The babies who are born through a C-section do not face any respiratory problems but there is a slightly greater chance of having problems with their lungs. Your baby’s doctor will monitor the baby to check if it is breathing properly and taking in oxygen.


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