Baby Growth Week 39

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Have you still not delivered? That is okay. If this is your first baby then there are chances that you will not deliver on your due date. There are very high chances that you would become a little overdue. Even if the baby’s growth is normal there is no guarantee that you will deliver on the due date.

Be open-minded and confident that your baby knows and will be born when it is ready. Every baby is unique and will take time to grow and get ready for life outside. Although you may feel impatient and eager to deliver now it is best to relax at this time. When your baby is in the uterus its needs are being taken care of and also your workload is not very high. Once your baby gets delivered there are a number of sleepless nights awaiting you.

There is a good chance that you will feel that you are going to deliver today and you would be rushing to the hospital today to give birth. The constant speculation that your relatives and friend are doing is not helping you in any way. It is best that you keep your mind away from all those. Your due date is at week 40 so just do not stress yourself. Instead, enjoy this moment and relax because your baby will come out eventually.

You’re Baby in Week Thirty-Nine

Your baby is now ready to come into this world. It looks better now as its facial features are completely formed. Its eyes are now open and its ears also stick out from its head. Its hair must be full on its head and may be of a color that you may have not expected. It is possible that if you are blonde your baby could have dark colored hair. It could also be the other way round where dark hair could produce babies with peach colored hair.

Your baby’s body has also grown and by now it is one fourth the size of its body. This is a big change from the early pregnancy weeks when the baby’s head was so big. An odd thing is that the baby’s head and abdomen is the same circumference now and this makes it easier to understand why it gets difficult to pull out a cloth from the baby’s head.

Your baby is packed so tightly in the womb now that it is kicking and shoving your organs to make space. It does not really matter how big the baby is as it can mold and elongate in the birth canal. This makes the baby look a little comical when it is born. However, its head will eventually shape and be lovely in just 24 hours after birth.
It is OK if you are still pregnant. You have not reached the due date yet and your baby is preparing itself for the delivery day.

You may have already discussed the delivery plans with your doctor by now. However, it is important that the baby is in the correct position to follow your plan. Your doctor may ask you to get an ultrasound done in the final weeks in order to confirm the position of the baby. This is also done to know the gestational age and to be aware of any factors that could affect the delivery.

Your baby should be in the head down position by now and should be moving into your pelvis. For some mothers, it would be easy to know that the baby is descending. The movement will be noticeable and this is called lightening. You may now breathe easy as the baby is not close to the rib cage anymore. But this also means that your trips to the bathroom will increase as your baby is now resting on your bladder.

Some babies may still be with their bottom facing downwards. This is called the breech presentation. There are different kinds of breech presentations. A complete breech is when the baby has its legs crossed like it is sitting on your pelvis. Frank breech is when the baby is facing with its bottom down and its feet are pulled up against its shoulders. Footling is where both the feet of the baby is facing down and into the pelvis. This position is rare.

Your doctor may not be able to re-position the baby before it is delivered. If the baby stays bottom down only then a C-section birth is the only option.


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