Baby Growth Week 40

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You have already been pregnant for 273 days now and have grown a human being in you. This is the week that you have been eagerly waiting for. Yes, this is the week when you will deliver your baby. You are now 40 weeks pregnant and your baby has grown to a full blown pumpkin size. It is now almost 20 inches and is 7 1/2 pounds in weight. You and your baby have done amazing in the last 9 months.

Your due date is in this week but only 5% of women give birth to their baby on their due date. It is only your baby who knows when it the time to come out. This is sure to happen soon now though.

Week 40 is the deadline when your baby should be out. You must have by now installed the car seat for your baby, made the bassinet and also packed and kept your hospital bag ready. Make sure that your phone is charged fully and also that your car has fuel. Some pregnant women even place a waterproof mat under their bed in case their water breaks at night when they are sleeping. It is not something that you should compulsorily do but is not a bad idea. This week can be mentally challenging since you will be kept wondering about when your baby will come out. Do not stress and be assured that your baby knows when to come out. Your body will also give you the signal when it is time.

You’re Baby in Week Forty

your baby is plump and a full 15 percent of its body weight is fat. This lets your baby regulate its body temperature. Your baby now weighs somewhere between 7 and 8 pounds and is also 21 inches long. This is if it’s an average sized baby. The hair on its body is no more there; however, it still has the vernix caseosa that is thin and greasy stuff. This gives its additional protection when it comes out in this world.

Your baby has been pressing bilirubin. This is the breakdown of the red blood cells and it does this by moving it across your placenta and into your body and it then gets flushed with other wastes. Once the baby is born and its umbilical cord is cut and clamped then it will have to get rid of the bilirubin. This will take a few days. If the level of bilirubin builds up in the baby’s body then it will catch jaundice. You can make out if your baby has jaundice by seeing the yellow tinge on its skin and the whites of its eyes. You do not need to worry about this. Just expose your baby to light and it will become fine.

Your baby will most probably be born in this week. You will be experiencing some contractions on and off in the past few weeks. These are the Braxton Hicks contractions and you must have visited the hospital when you have started to feel these false contractions. However, now you will start to have contractions that will not go away even when you relax, in fact, they will start to grow stronger. This means you are just ready to deliver.

You may not be having an ultrasound during labor. However, in case you get a peek then you will see that your baby’s head is downwards and towards the pelvis. In case your baby is in a breech presentation then your provider will tell you to go for a cesarean. Your baby will be positioned either longitudinal, where it will be straight up or down, or oblique where it may be positioned at an angle. If you could see your baby’s head then it will be head down and will be facing your spine. This is called the anterior presentation. Sometimes babies may be head down but facing towards your abdomen. This is known as cephalic or Occident posterior. Your baby could be leaning slightly on one side. Your baby is thus either right or left anterior or right or left posterior.

The easiest position of the baby is when it is in the anterior position. This is because your baby’s spine is bent according to your belly’s shape. This will make it easy for it to go through your vagina and come out into the world. When the baby is in the posterior position, this means that its spine is rubbing against your spine and this also leads to more back pain for you.

No matter which position your baby is in, you are soon going to meet the little one who has been growing in you for the last 40 weeks. No more guessing games for you as your baby will now be in your arms and you can see it.