Baby Growth Week 41

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You have become short-tempered now and feel frustrated even when you see your shadow this week. All that you are doing is anticipating for your day. Your due date has gone and you may now start to feel like you are one of those for whom the gestation period just does not seem to end. Remember that less than 5% of women deliver on their due date exactly. The remaining delivers their baby either before or after. This happens because of confusion with the dates and also on when the baby was actually conceived. Some babies might take a little longer. Be assured that your pregnancy will end in the next week or so.

When will this end?

You may be asking your doctor to get yourself induced this week. Usually, this needs a lot of weighing and the doctor will consider yours as well as your baby well-being. Some women get very overwhelmed at week 41 and for them inducing is the only option. They get so stressed waiting for labor that the doctor would induce them considering the mental health of the woman. There are other women who would rather be calm and wait for labor to start. Every woman is an individual and this means that they behave differently in this phase of their pregnancy.

You’re Baby in Week Forty-One

You may be all excited to meet your baby, but be prepared that your baby may not be as good looking as you may have imagined it to be. Those babies that are delivered through the vagina have misshapen heads and also puffy eyes. Your baby will have the vernix caseosa all over it however most of it will get washed off when it is first bathed. It will take at least a few weeks for your baby to get that chubby and adorable look.

You will feel that your baby is perfect when you first lay your eyes on it. However, the blemishes will not escape your notice. So what is normal? Here is a guide to it.


If you have delivered vaginally, then there are chances that your baby’s head may miss happen or elongated. This is because your baby has traveled through the birth canal which was a tiring journey. If forceps were used then this could leave back bruises or depressions. Your baby may have a lump on the crown of its head. This gets formed when it pushes against the cervix. It will, however, go away in a few days. Your baby has fontanels or two soft spots on its head and this is the area where your baby’s skull bones have not fused together yet. This allows the baby to squeeze itself through the birth canal. Your baby may have puffy and swollen eyes and also some bruises on its face and you may also notice that its nose is squashed.


Some babies may have a head full of hair while others may be born bald. Most of the newborn hair will fall off and it will be replaced by new hair that may be totally different in texture. If your baby does not have a lot of hair then you could feel the pulse beating at the back of its head and under the soft spot.


Most babies who are fair skinned will be born with blue colored eyes. The eye color will, however, change in the first few months. The eye color darkens between the 6 and the 12 months. Those babies who are born with darker skin have brown eyes and this could stay brown or turn black.


The blood vessels underlying the skin could be seen through the delicate skin. This gives the skin reddish or a pinkish tone. The baby will also look wrinkly and this is because it was in fluid the last nine months and is now in dry air. This is also because your baby gets dehydrated right after it is born. Its circulatory system is also not proper now and its hands and feet may look bluish when it sleeps. If you feel worried then pick up your baby and watch its skin return to its normal color. You will also notice some breakouts in your baby’s skin in the first few months. This is because of the mother’s hormones that are still circulating in the baby’s system. You may also be able to see some tiny whiteheads on your baby’s face. Red pimples are also noticed towards the end of the first month. You could just wash it off with a mild cleanser and water and pat it dry. The whiteheads and the pimples would go away soon.

Umbilical cord

Some sticky material will get collected at the base of the baby’s cord stump. Use cotton to dab the place at every diaper change. Fold the top of the diaper so that it stays below the cord or you could use some newborn diapers instead. This will keep the area exposed to air. In case you see any redness or pus then call your doctor immediately.


Your baby’s feet could look like a pigeons toe. Do not worry. It may have rotated inwards because the baby was curled and snuggled in the womb for the last nine months. After six months you will see that the feet have come to a straight position. You may notice that your baby has flat feet but it has an arch. It is just hidden now because of fat.
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