Baby Growth Week 42

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You are 42 weeks pregnant now. You must have already met your doctor one or two times and have made the decision to induce labor if your baby is not out by this week. This is okay because now your baby is as big as a birthday cake. On average, your baby will be over 20 inches in length and almost 8 pounds now.

Around 98% of births happen either or by the end of this week. So get ready to finally welcome your baby. What is the positive point of delivering late is that your baby will be more active? You have had many months of anticipation and the day is finally arriving. Get hold of your hospital bag because you would have to rush anytime now.

You are going to be a mother soon. Pregnancy has been a big adventure and you have had your moments of good and bad. There may be some moments that you would dread even thinking about. However, be prepared because now you are going to enter motherhood, which is a much bigger journey. It is the most difficult but also the most rewarding experience that you will ever have. Make sure to enjoy this time and click lots of pictures because this time will go away soon. From all of us here at HMom, a hearty congratulations to you.


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