Baby Growth Week 7

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Though seven weeks have passed since you became pregnant they are still no obvious signs of your pregnancy.  You are now halfway through the first trimester.  However, looks can be deceiving as there is a lot going on in your body and even though there is that glow in your looks you feel less than fabulous.

What is the size of the baby now?  When you are seven weeks pregnant the size of the baby can be compared to a medium sized grape.  Your uterus is the size of a medium sized orange.

It is important to note that your baby has grown 10,000 times the size when you first conceived.  You can not feel any movements of the baby yet.  These will happen midway through your second trimester.

The Baby in Week Seven

This week you will notice that the baby has doubled in size.  It is now a full half-inch long.  However, it still retains its tight coma shape. It is astounding to note that the brain cells are forming now at the rate of 100,000 per minute.  These cells are also beginning to branch out and primitively form a pathway for the central nervous system.  At the time of birth, the baby has more than 10,000,000 intertwined nerve cells.

The heart tube has formed small bulges and is much faster than last week.  The building blocks for 40 pairs of muscles and 23 pairs of vertebrae radiating from the spinal column are now being formed.   The baby’s limbs start to manifest as tiny flippers at this point.  The ears begin to take shape and joints for the elbows, knees and wrists are formed.  It is astonishing to see that the eyelids are nearly complete.

The First Ultrasound

It is quite often necessary to accurately predict pregnancy dating or time of delivery.  This is the time when the measurement is taken when ultrasound sonography is most accurate in the prediction and age of the embryo.  As the baby continues to grow these measurements are not as accurate due to varying growth rates.  It is similar to how the normal babies grow at different rates so do embryos.  When in doubt, you can ask your doctor to do the first ultrasound now so that the babies age can be accurately predicted.

Your Baby’s Brain Development

At this stage, the baby’s brain is just beginning to form into three distinct parts.  These are:

  • The forebrain. This is the largest section, which will subsequently become the cerebrum, thalamus, and hypothalamus (the brain’s nerve center).
  • The midbrain. This sits between the fore- and hindbrain and connects to the brain stem and the spinal cord.
  • The hindbrain. This is positioned at the back of the head contains the cerebellum and other structures that guide unconscious bodily functions, such as breathing.


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