Baby Growth Week 8

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It is the eight weeks of your pregnancy.  Are you aware of the pregnancy calendar?  The gestational age of your baby is now six weeks.  The baby is graduating from being called an embryo to a fetus.  There are still five more weeks for the end of the first trimester.

This being the formative stage it is correct to be ultra careful of exposure to toxins.  This does not mean that you should live me a cocoon.  No smoking No alcohol is the mantra.  Even passive smoking can be injurious to your babies’ growth.  It is important to inform all those around you so that they too avoid these toxins in your presence.  Due to the hormones, some women get a craving for nonedible items like chalk or even mud.  Avoid all these at stick to healthy food and ensure you continue to take your Pre-natal vitamins.

In the case you want to eat something new why not try some of the recipes recommended for vegans and non-vegetarians in the HMom app.

The Baby in Week Eight

Your baby continues to grow quite rapidly. It is the time when the facial features are getting refined and the lips nose and ears start becoming visible.  The eyelids also take shape and the heart continues to beat strongly.

This is the end of the second month of your pregnancy.  The baby is now nearly an inch long and weighs about half an ounce.  Despite the small size the central nervous system is nearly completely formed.  The baby’s heart has four chambers now and the heartbeats at 160 beats per minute.

You will find that the baby’s head is equal in size to its body.  The head is larger so as to accommodate the three main parts fore-brain, midbrain, and the hindbrain.  The skin is quite transparent.  The eyes structure is complete and small earlobes and knee and elbow joints are visible.  Though the genitals have begun to for it is not possible to see, even with an ultrasound whether it is a boy or girl.  The toes and fingers are making an appearance.  However, at this stage they are webbed. The tongue is being created.  It is graduation time.  In medical terms, your baby has graduated from being an embryo to a fetus.  Soon it will begin to move!!


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