Baby Growth Week 9

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By this time the idea of being pregnant has finally settled in.  If you look at the pregnancy calendar you will know that you are now in the final month of the first trimester.  There are only two more trimesters to go.  The baby has also grown to be now three-quarters of an inch long.  Its arms are growing and there is some movement like bending of the arms or elbows.  Toes, ears, and eyelids are beginning to form.

Though you cannot feel any movement from the bay yet, it has begun to move.  If it is in the right position in the uterus it may be possible to detect its heartbeat using a handheld Doppler.  However, this depends on the baby’s position in the uterus.

You’re Baby in Week Nine

By the start of the third month of pregnancy, your baby has started to move a tiny bit.  This movement manifests in the movement of bending its tiny arms.

The baby is growing rapidly.  The furious rate of cells rearrangement has slowed down.  The time is coming when it no longer needs the yolk sac to provide blood cells.  This is because now it’s bone marrow spleen and liver are starting to function and take on this task. Can you imagine that the liver is now secreting bile and its pancreas producing insulin?

Your heart beats at 65-75  beats per minute.  However, the baby’s heart beats at 160-170 beats per minute (the fastest a normal human heart can beat).  You could only achieve this by a furious run or cardiac activity.  The baby is approaching an inch in length and this will double by the end of the month.

Can you visualize your baby?  Its arms have grown longer and the legs have lengthened.  The fingers and toes are getting defined.  The head has begun to get rounded.  The neck appears to be developing. The ears continue getting more defined and the nose is defined by a growing tip.  Now the baby has tubes from the lungs to the throat.

It is in the heart where the most important developments seem to be happening. There are four chambers now and the valves which will pump blood are forming.  It may still take a week or two for the heartbeat to be discernible.

How is the baby getting its nutrients?  These are provided through the umbilical cord.  This umbilical cord has three spiraling vessels made up by one vein and two arteries.  The vein carries oxygenated blood to the heart and the other two arteries carry back the blood to the placenta. The umbilical cord continues to mature and gain in strength so as to provide all the baby’s needs so it can grow and mature.


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