Baby Weight During Pregnancy

Baby Weight During Pregnancy

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Babies grow at different rates in the womb and thus it is important to know that your baby’s weight during pregnancy is just an average. If an ultrasound tells you that the baby is small or large it should not worry you tell your doctor tells you that it is a cause for worry.

At the end of the pregnancy, the weight of the baby can be five pounds to more than nine pounds. However, it is important that you know your baby’s weight during pregnancy so that you know that your baby is healthy and growing normally.

The weight chart

Your bump starts to grow big and this is because your baby is growing in your womb. This would however not give you an exact idea of what your baby’s size is. The average birth weight of babies is somewhere between 2.5 kgs to 2.9 kgs when they are born.

The gynecologists in India follow the international height and weight calculator. These are thus not very accurate for measurement of Indian babies. However, if the baby’s weight is less than or more than two weeks then you would have to get further tests done to make sure that your baby is safe and developing well.

A full-term baby will be anywhere between 2500 gms and 2900 gms. A  baby who is less than 2.5kgs in weight during birth is a low weight baby. This is irrespective of when the baby is born. Babies who weigh less than 2 kgs need special care in the few weeks after birth, till they are strong enough.

Low birth baby (LBW)

When the baby is born before 37 the week of pregnancy then it is a premature baby. The baby has not completed its full term in the womb and needs special attention. It is kept in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Premature babies are usually born with a low weight. The babies who weigh low at birth are born after 37 weeks and they are thus full-term babies. Their weight is less than 2500 gms though. The babies are known as SFD or small for date.


Twins could be born as low birth babies. Sometimes if the baby has a medical condition or it could be ill or have a disability then it could be low weight. If there is a case of pre-eclampsia that reduces the flow of blood to the baby then this could hamper the growth of the baby.

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