Baby’s Weight Gain After Birth

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After birth, all babies will lose weight but within 2 to 3 weeks’ time, they get back to their birth weight.

The baby is weighed usually:

  • Once a month until she is 6 months old
  • Every two months after until the baby is 12 months old
  • Every 3 months after the babies first birthday
Factors that affect the baby’s weight

The weight of the baby is dependent on how close to their due date were they born. Those babies who are born before the due date tend to be smaller.Those that are born after the due date tend to be larger. The baby’s weight is also dependent on the mother’s health and diet before she gave birth.

Other factors that affect the babies weight is the parent’s height, weight, and the health of the baby when she was born. In most cases, girl babies, first babies as well as multiple birth children tend to be smaller. Boy babies, the second,third or further issue of the mother and single babies tend to be bigger. If the baby is under or over weight when born, then the doctor will look for any possible problems in the baby.

Why does the baby’s weight gain matter?

The doctor will track the newborns’ height and weight every time, which gives him a fair idea about the general health of the child. If the baby does not have a healthy weight gain then this is a condition known as failure to gain weight. This occurs when the baby is not eating properly or using the nutrients from the food properly. This could occur because of some gastrointestinal issues,feeding problems or because of some other medical condition.

The health provider will monitor the babies’ weight gain closely because proper weight gain and nutrition is important for the physical and mental development of the child.

When in the hospital after birth, the doctor will weigh the newborn immediately after birth and then every 24 hours after birth. Your baby will be weighed again in the first doctor’s visits as well as in the subsequent doctor visits. These measurements are kept as are cord in the babies growth chart.

In case the baby is having any unexpected weight loss or is suffering from jaundice, then you will have to see your doctor more frequently in the first few weeks after giving birth.

How to tell if the baby is gaining adequate weight

Most parents will not have a scale at home to measure their baby’s weight gain. However, there are a few ways in which one can find out if the baby is doing fine.

  • Count the wet diapers. In the first five days after birth, the baby may wet a few diapers every day.After that, the baby will wet around four to eight diapers daily
  • Poop diapers – The baby will poop once in the first few days. After that, the baby will poop at least twice in the day.

Tracking the diaper changes also lets you measure whether the baby is gaining weight properly.


The new born baby’s weight post-birth lets the doctor know whether the baby is growing healthily. Afterbirth, you will have to get your babies weight checked regularly to make sure that the baby is getting the right quantity of food that she needs.

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