Back Pain after Pregnancy

Back Pain after Pregnancy: Causes and Remedies

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First of all, big congratulations on having a baby. But let’s be honest, we all know pregnancy comes with its own set of problems; one of them is back pains. Let us look at some of the causes and how can the causes be avoided or prevented after delivery.


The increased amount of hormones in the mother’s body

Mother’s body releases a hormone called Relaxin and progesterone. This is usually done to relax the ligaments and joints of your pelvic bone. This makes the process of passing the child through the birth canal. More than the required amount being released for a normal human body it causes back pain after delivery.

Physical Changes

A mother’s body goes through a lot of physical changes during pregnancy and leading to pain post pregnancy such as that of gaining weight.

Due to gaining weight leads to extra work done by your knees and muscles, eventually triggering your lower back muscles.

Expansion of Uterus

Another reason is that a mother’s internal reproductive organ expands during pregnancy. This causes further strain on your lower abdominal muscles and lowers back, causing backaches.


Your Labour also contributes to your back pain. If you’ve had a traditional delivery, then pushing the baby out several of your muscles that are stagnant within the course of your life is stressed.

Incorrect Posture and Other activities

Incorrect posture while breastfeeding the baby will cause stress on the lower back muscles inflicting back pain. Sleepless nights during post-pregnancy as well as bending and lifting the baby addon to the misery.

If you’re involved in other physical activities throughout or post-pregnancy, then it would eventually result in back pain.


Don’t stress about your back pain too much. It is almost common for 50% of the women to face post pregnancy pain. However, what you can do is look out for certain remedies.

Consult a specialist

Consult a specialist associate to give you the best of diet, keeping up the requirements of your body. It’ll assist you in cutting back weight and thereby reducing the strain on your back muscles.


There are plenty of back pain exercises for post-pregnancy that can help you scale back the strain on strained muscles and ligaments.

Initiate with quiet yoga poses and stretching exercises after childbirth. It’ll improve your flexibility and if you’ve gone through a cesarean section then walking is one of the most effective exercises.

Try doing some pelvic exercises suggested by your trainer for your back pain after delivery treatment.

Avoid Physical Activity

Avoid involving in an excessive amount of physical activity straightaway after delivery. And take the maximum amount rest you can if you’ve had surgery, your muscles and joints want to rest when long months of stress. Refrain from lifting weights or the ones during yoga because it will cause stress on your muscles and joints.


Maintain a straight seating posture. Try not to lean to your baby while breastfeeding. Keep an upright back.

Sleep in a clam and comfy position with a soft pillow.

Home Remedy

If you experience a lot of lower back pain, then use a footrest while sitting on a chair try keeping your legs slightly raised from the floor and support your lower back muscles. Try keeping soft cushions on your chair to support your back.

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