Back pain during pregnancy and how to cope

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Back pains and the pressure on the lower abdomen are very common symptoms for most pregnant women. These pains increase when reaching the end of the second trimester. The reason being the hormones Relaxing (yes, the hormones are to be blamed here again!) that relax the strong ligaments joining your hipbone.

The naturally increasing pregnancy weight shifts the center of gravity to forward of your body. Due to which you would be forming a different walking and sitting posture and would also feel sometimes like falling. Changing the posture and not walking with a straight back may stress your back even more.

Stress can also be a reason for back pains. Remember not to stand for a long period. Emotional stress can also be a reason for Back pain. Please reach out for help whenever you need one!!

Back pain occurring before week 37 of your pregnancy, can also be a sign of Pre-term labor. If the pain persists at a point in the lower back accompanied by pelvic pressure and spots of pink mucous or blood from your vagina, this may be pre-term labor signs. please call your doctor immediately or go to the emergency.

The situation becomes more painful because you can’t take any allopathic medicine or apply any ointment too. Homeopathy ointment or tablets may work but only after doctors advise.

The good news is that we have tips for you to cope with back pain. The earlier you look after this the better it becomes. Try following few of the following tips and it would help you to glide over from the pain.

  1. Walk Straight and don’t slouch: It does seem like simple advice, but it’s hard to always remember. Try walking straight and not slouching. Maintaining a straight posture is very important while working and sitting. This would put less pressure on your back spine. Try sleeping with a pillow between your legs or thighs to help you relieve some stress from your spine. Keep a rolled towel on your back to help you sit straight.
  2. Mobility: Exercise helps in strengthening the spine and its flexibility. Some light stretches, walking, prenatal yoga, and swimming are some of the advised exercises for pregnant women. As the Germans say “Pregnancy is mobility”. Your doctor can advise you more on the exercises, so do ask for the advice on your next appointment.
  3. Warm and cold compression’s: Follow the cold compressions after your doctor’s advice. Apply some frozen peas or ice wrapped in a towel on your back for 20 minutes. Repeat this for two to three days and when no relief, try warm compression with a hot water bottle or a warm medicated back pads. Make sure to avoid using direct heat near your abdomen.
  4. Massage: Instead of going for a prenatal professional message (for which I would recommend a Swedish massage from a certified massager) why not ask your partner to do it for you. Some gentle massage with aromatic candles can make you feel calm and sleep better.
  5. Acupuncture and chiropractic: Do reach out for these therapies, when the back pain is not improving with home remedies.
  6. Laceless shoes: These must be one of the best pregnancy tips (especially in winters).  Avoid wearing heels at all and shift to the comfy spongy sole footwear. Doing so your feet and back would thank you.
  7. Correct bending Posture: It’s common advice to not pick up heavy things when pregnant but it’s also advised to have a correct bending posture. If you are a second-time mom you need to remember this all the time. Always bend your knees forward or sideways before bending your back.

Any health-related information or any medical opinion in the content is gathered from secondary sources and is only for the purpose of information and this should not be treated as a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. Using this site and the information contained in it is not to create a doctor-patient relationship. Always make sure to seek the advice of your doctor if you have any issues or questions regarding yours or the health of others.


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