Best Weight Loss Cleanse/Detox For After Baby?

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As a new mom, your entire time is spent in taking care of your baby. This leaves you with very little time to take care of yourself. Why not try to pull out some time and try out the post-pregnancy cleanse and detox programs to lose your pregnancy weight and to feel good about yourself.

You may want to wait for a few months before you decide to detox your body. The first few months can be a challenge taking care of the new baby and trying to adjust to the new routine. You may want to eat what comes your way and sleep when you get time. This leaves you with very little time to spend on yourself and to try out something new.

However, gradually, you are sure to get adjusted to your new routine. This is when you can try out the healthy options and look to detox yourself. It pays to start as soon as you can so that you are able to get back into your pre-pregnancy dress and also feel good about yourself.


The detox programs are a healthy way to boost your liver and kidney and normalize its functions. The kidney and the liver are both the detoxifying agents that are naturally present in the body. These thus need to be cleansed. Make sure that you choose the detox programs carefully that do not leave you malnourished.

Here are the guidelines before you start a post-pregnancy detox program

Make sure to follow these guidelines before you deice to start a detox program.

  • Keep at least five days for your retreat
  • Do not delay going to bed post at 9 pm
  • Make sure to take an oil massage and warm water bath before you go to bed
  • Wake up before sunrise
  • Eat food that is balanced, healthy and nutritious
  • Drink only warm or hot water through the day
  • Walk
  • Get plenty of rest
How to cleanse yourself carefully

It is very important that you keep yourself hydrated. You may be breastfeeding your baby now and this means that you are passing down most of the fluids and nourishment of your body to the baby. It is very important that you stay well hydrated. This will help to boost your energy levels. This will also ensure that your kidney and your bowels do their jobs perfectly well. The method helps to clean the toxins from your body.

Check your gut

You need to poop naturally to stay healthy and fit. Even though this is totally natural the new moms tend to struggle with it. It is important that to poop well you stay hydrated. Make sure to eat food that is rich in fiber. Also, include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.


Search on the internet and you are sure to find hundreds of detox programs and diets that promise you outstanding results. However, make sure that you do not choose the aggressive cleaning methods that cause the body to mobilize the toxins fast. This will ends up dumping them in the place that you do not want them to enter into. This is your breastmilk. You want to make sure that you detox gently and slowly.

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