Birth Control during Pregnancy

Birth Control during Pregnancy

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Birth Control during Pregnancy: Debunking the Myths 

You might have just begun the new journey of your life and want to spend some more time knowing your partner. You might be using the best contraceptives to avoid getting pregnant but perhaps destiny has different plans for you. You managed to get pregnant even while consuming oral contraceptives! Yes….your little one has decided to make its way to your world and you are left with no choice but welcome it with open arms. So, now that you are pregnant, your heart melts for your unborn child and you become worried whether these birth control pills have had any negative effect on it.

Fortunately, there is no such proof that indicates that consuming birth control pills will have a harmful or negative impact on your baby. However, if you have been consuming contraceptives till now, make sure you stop taking them immediately once it is confirmed that you have conceived.

What is a Contraceptive and How Does it Prevent Pregnancy?

Amongst the commonly available contraceptives including oral, barrier and implant, barrier contraceptives are considered to be the safest option during pregnancy as they protect you from any sort of sexually transmitted disease. These contraceptive prevent the ovaries from releasing eggs. So, while the mucus of the cervix and vagina gets thickened, the uterine lining becomes thin. This impedes the movement of sperm to the egg so that it doesn’t meet or fertilizes the egg.

Risks Associated with Birth Control Pills

While no significant risks are associated with consuming birth control pills during early pregnancy yet complete guarantee cannot be made that chemicals present in the contraceptives will not harm your baby’s development. In fact, conceiving while on contraceptives increases your risk of attaining ectopic pregnancy – a life-threatening condition when a fertilized embryo rather than getting attached to the uterus gets attached to Fallopian tube. Consequently, immediate medical attention is required as the embryo doesn’t develop properly outside the uterus.

Final Words:

Although, becoming pregnant while consuming birth control pills is something rare, yet the possibilities of becoming pregnant cannot be ruled out completely. So, if pregnancy is not on your mind as of now, make sure you take all the necessary precautions including intake of any supplement or medication that might alter the effectiveness of your contraceptive pill. While most birth control pills claim the effectiveness of 99 percent, it is important to follow all the instructions carefully while consuming these to avoid getting pregnant.

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