Body Changes During Pregnancy

Body Changes During Pregnancy

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The body goes through some strange changes when you are pregnant. While some may be noticed there are others that may not be very obvious.


The uterus gets enlarged and it tends to twist towards the right side of the body. The uterus grows to almost 1 kg. The blood flow to the cervix also increases which makes it slightly blue and purple in color. You could also notice some amount of spotting after intercourse which should be reported to your doctor.

Cardiovascular system

When you are pregnant the blood plasma increases by more than 50% in volume. You will be able to experience a decrease in blood pressure and an increase in the heart rate, though very slightly. The increase in the volume of blood is crucial because it gives the reserved blood that the woman needs during the birthing process. The woman also needs extra blood to feed the growing baby inside her womb.


The main reason for the thrush that you experience when you are pregnant is because of the change in the pH level of the vagina during pregnancy.

Respiratory system

The circumference of the chest cage increases and the diaphragm displaces towards the upside because of the uterus enlarges. This is why you feel shortness of breath and slight pressure on your chest when you are pregnant.

Oral health

Many women complain of bleeding gums when they are pregnant. This creates a place for infections to grow. Women are also very prone to infections when they are pregnant because the immune system is low. Dental check-up during pregnancy is highly recommended.


Women enjoy thicker hair during pregnancy because of the increase in the estrogen levels which increase the hair length. However, this increase in the estrogen levels does not just cause hair to grow on the head but also in the unwanted areas. The estrogen level comes down after delivery and this causes a woman to shed a lot of hair.


The nails tend to become coarse when a woman is pregnant. This makes them very soft and brittle because of the increase in the flow of blood to the finger. This also happens because of an increase in the level of estrogen. The nail also grows faster when one is pregnant.


Changes in the skin are very common when one is pregnant and this is also very noticeable. However, what most of them bother about are the stretch marks on the skin. These can be seen on the breasts, thighs and the abdomen areas and they itch. This happens mostly in women who are obese or in those who gain weight very fast. It could also happen if the baby is heavy. The cause of stretch marks could be because of collagen breakdown or because of the connecting tissues that help to support the skin.


A woman’s body goes through many changes when she gets pregnant. This is because of the changing hormones as well as because of the structure of the body changes. If however, you see something that is abnormal or causes a lot of discomforts then it is important that you get yourself checked.

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    Great website I an using it from few months and this is my second pregnancy. It details with what going on with my pregnancy and how I am changing. I consulted my doctor about this site information and she was ok with it. Grab it’s pregnancy tracker app too.


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