Calories During Pregnancy

Calories During Pregnancy

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Eating for two during your pregnancy does not mean that you need to increase the quantity of food that you eat.

How many calories do you need when you are pregnant

If your weight was normal before you got pregnant then the below is the break-up of how much calories you need in each trimester.

  • First trimester – During this time you do not need any additional calories.
    Instead stick to eating nutritious food that will give you energy and support the development of your baby
  • Second trimester – During this phase of your pregnancy include an extra of 350 calories each day.
  • Third trimester – During your third trimester you will need an extra of 500 calories each day
  • Multiples- If you are carrying multiples then you may need an extra of 300 calories each day

This is not to be followed as a thumb rule but just to let you know what approximate calorie intake you should include when you are pregnant. The calorie intake is also dependent on what your weight was before you got pregnant. Your doctor can guide you better on the calorie that your body needs but make sure that you include these calories only through eating healthy while pregnant.

Are you getting the right amount of calories?

You do not have to keep a calculator and count the calories during pregnancy. Watch the scale and you do not have to keep counting every single food that you put in your mouth. If you started with a normal weight then check the weight chart to check if you are gaining weight properly. Your weight gain will also be monitored by your doctor in each trimester as well on each visit. The weight chart will be decided based on what your pre-pregnancy weight was.

The first and second trimester does not need you to have a lot of calories each day. However, as the baby grows towards the last trimester the calorie requirements will increase. The calorie recommendation is based on an average and each individual will have different calorie intake needs. So make sure that you discuss with your doctor about the same.

What factors affect calorie intake during pregnancy?

The calorie that you need to consume during your pregnancy will depend upon:

  • height
  • BMI
  • and how you burn the calories

You would also have to alter the calorie intake if you are carrying multiples.

What to eat to meet the calorie requirements during pregnancy

You could include the following food in your pregnancy diet and nutrition to meet the daily calorie requirements when you are pregnant.

  • multigrain bread with cheese
  • low-fat yogurt
  • cereal with skimmed milk and a fruit


These are some of the Pregnancy diet options that you can try out. There are a host of other recipes and food that you can take to increase your calorie intake when you are pregnant. However, make sure that you do not eat junk but eat a healthy diet for pregnant women and nutritious food.

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