Can you get pregnant even when you are having periods?

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New Delhi: Whether or not you’re trying for a baby, tracking your menstrual cycle is important for a number of reasons. Perhaps, doing so will also help you keep a track of the most fertile days, increasing your chances of getting pregnant, especially, if you’re planning for a baby.

But, one common fertility myth that remained skeptical is that – whether a woman can have sex and get pregnant even when she is having periods. Many assume that a woman can’t get pregnant when she’s on her period, but experts say the answer is ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ both. They say although the odds for pregnancy are lower when you are having periods, they aren’t zero too…

Fertility and period of sex

While the typical female cycle is 28-30 days, some women have cycles as short as 22 days. So, if you have a short cycle or long periods, you could ovulate right after your period ends, according to Baby Center.

Ovulation is when a woman’s ovary releases an egg for fertilization. If a sperm is available in the uterus at this time, pregnancy can occur. Ovulation varies based on a woman’s menstrual cycle. Women with a shorter cycle of 21 days may ovulate around day 7.

For instance, women who have a cycle of 28-30 days long, the chances of getting pregnant is said to be low even if they have sex during periods. But, since sperm can live in women’s reproductive tract for up to five days, chances of becoming pregnant rise if they have sex towards the end of their menstrual cycle.

Another theory goes like this – while the likelihood of a woman getting pregnant in one to two days after she starts bleeding is nearly zero, the probability starts to increase again with each successive day, even though she’s still menstruating. It is said that a woman’s likelihood of getting pregnant is less at the start of her period, but this probability increases as she nears the end of her period.

Truth is, the possibility of getting pregnant during your period depends on the length of your menstrual cycle, however, knowing the ovulation pattern may help determine the most fertile days to conceive.

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