Congestion and Nasal symptoms

Congestion and Nasal symptoms during pregnancy

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There are many unusual experiences that a Women may suffer during her pregnancy such as experiencing mood changes, muscle aches and food cravings due to hormonal changes. Besides these experiences, there are other problems that pregnant women may suffer. One such problem is pregnancy post nasal drip and congestion, this is one uncomfortable experience that a pregnant Women will never want to face. This condition or disease is called as Rhinitis.

The pregnancy problem: Rhinitis

Pregnancy Rhinitis is the condition during pregnancy when a Women faces problems of nasal congestion and drip.

This can lead a Women to suffer extreme uncomfortable and restlessness. This problem can last for six or maybe more weeks.

Causes of the pregnancy post nasal drip and congestion

There are many changes that occur during pregnancy due to changes in the structure of the body and also due to a change in hormonal activities. During pregnancy a Women’s body can produce higher levels of estrogen than required, due to this increment in estrogen, the passage leading to nasal cavity can swell. Also, since much more blood gets produced and circulated in a Women’s body during pregnancy, so it can make the blood vessels swell as well. Due to this swelling, more mucus is produced resulting in pregnancy post nasal drip and congestion.

Symptoms of rhinitis

Pregnant Women can experience a number of symptoms during this disease. These symptoms can range from mild to severe. Some of the symptoms that pregnant Women experiences are:

  • Sneezing
  • Running nose
  • Stuffy nose
  • Ear and sinus infections
  • Nasal congestion causing breathing problems
  • Itchy eyes and throat
  • In some cases, fluids in the ear
Treatment of congestion and nasal drip

Treatment of this disease is very important, as along with the Women, it can have an impact on the unborn baby as well. Ignoring these symptoms can lead to more severe infections and problems. Therefore, it is necessary to control these symptoms well in time. Some of the natural ways to manage this post nasal drip pregnancy problem are as follows:

  • Keeping yourself hydrated with lukewarm water.
  • While lying down on the bed, try to keep your head in an elevated position
  • Avoid using any kind of perfumes, air fresheners or deodorants.
  • Wear a mask while going out.
  • Take warm showers or bath.
  • Take vapor
  • Do gargle with salt water.

If you don’t see any improvement in your condition, then you must consult a doctor immediately and seek proper medication.

Pregnancy post nasal drip and congestion can create lots of uneasiness in pregnant women, which on being ignored can create more problems such as infections. Therefore it is necessary that if you face any of the symptoms mentioned above, then you should treat it on time or else it can get worse.

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