Couvade Syndrome Pregnancy

Couvade Syndrome Pregnancy

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You find out that you are pregnant and you start to experience morning sickness. At the same time, your partner also tells you that he has been feeling nauseated and has been throwing up. It is surprising to see that in the first few weeks of your pregnancy your partner is also experiencing symptoms very similar to yours.

This is known as couvade syndrome pregnancy that is also known as sympathetic pregnancy and is a condition that affects men. Couvade syndrome pregnancy is a reality and even though it is present this problem is not recognized as a medical condition.

What could cause couvade syndrome? 

If you see the symptoms of couvade pregnancy then this could be related to empathy and stress. The release of chemicals because of stress could cause the condition to develop. Pregnancy is stressful for both the partners and adds some empathy to the stress and you get the perfect mixture for couvade syndrome pregnancy.

Couvade is not something that is talked about a lot but is seen particularly in couples who have dealt with pregnancy loss or infertility.

Common symptoms of couvade syndrome

The common symptoms observed in men suffering from couvade syndrome pregnancy are:

How to treat couvade syndrome pregnancy

Stress lowers the level of testosterone in men and this dis-balances the estrogen levels which causes symptoms like pregnancy. Those who suffer from couvade syndrome have an excess of cortisol, which is the chemical that is related to stress. Too much of cortisol could cause breast enlargement. In such severe cases, the patient is offered mental health treatments to reduce anxiety.

Couvade syndrome pregnancy is not a serious medical condition. For most men, the condition subsides when the baby is born. Those who however suffers from an extended case of couvade pregnancy syndrome need medical and psychological help. The medical community does not look upon sympathetic pregnancy seriously but it does need treatment. One way to treat it is to take medication to control the symptoms

Relaxation techniques are helpful. Patients are suggested medication, acupuncture and deep breathing exercises relieve the stress symptoms. There is no official diagnosis for couvade syndrome but these symptoms are real and they do affect those who suffer from sympathetic pregnancy.


Psychologists feel that couples should talk about the baby and about any fears that they may be having about pregnancy and coping up with parenthood. Also, it is important that men play a major role in their partner’s pregnancy. A man should feel involved in the birth of his child.

When the partners speak about their concerns about being a parent it helps them to open up. In severe cases, help will be needed to treat the condition. This could include therapy or medication to lessen the discomfort.

Couples should know that couvade syndrome is real and that many men experience it when the partner is pregnant.

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