Daily Pregnancy Exercise Routine At Home Look Like?

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Pregnancy is the time when you will be going through lots of mood swings and discomforts. The last thing in your mind during this time will be to get up and exercise. However, it is important to understand that exercising during pregnancy has many benefits, for your physical well-being and it also uplifts you emotionally.

If you want to get relief from the pains then it is recommended to add some light exercises to your daily routine to relieve the aches and offer you flexibility. These exercises help ease out the discomfort as well as lets you manage your pregnancy weight and helps in easy delivery.

Here is your daily exercise routine that you should follow.

Pregnancy exercises
  • The best exercise routine that you should follow each day is to go on the walk. Walk the distance that you feel comfortable and also choose your speed taking clues from your body.
  • Swimming is also a great exercise to indulge in during your pregnancy. You could also try out some yoga asanas under a trained yoga practitioner.
Basic exercises in your pregnancy

The following pregnancy exercises at home can be followed to tone your muscles and to keep you relaxed.

  • Leg swing exercise – In this exercise, you shift your body weight to one leg and swing the other leg backward and forwards as high as you can. You should get support from a wall. This exercise helps to open up your hips that help you during your pregnancy.
  • Clams – This is a core exercise which you can practice. You lie on one side and keep your hips stacked. Keep both your legs bent and your knees should point forward. Your left arm should be placed on the floor and your left ear should rest on your biceps. You toes stay together and you lift up your right knees without changing the position of your hips. You then exhale and draw the abs towards your spine
  • Dipping the toes – This is another core exercise that you can practice. You can sit on a chair and bend your legs and keep the shins at a place so that it is parallel to the wall. Your arms should stay on your sides. When you exhale you draw your abs in and your right foot dips towards the floor. Then repeat this with your left leg.
  • Kegel exercises- This helps to strengthen the pelvic floor. You need to control your muscles like you were stopping your pee. Then relax it.
  • Quick flicks – This exercise is also done to strengthen the pelvic floor. You need to squeeze the pelvic floor as hard as you can for one second. Then take rest for one second. Keep doing this in sets of 10.

You could also try some upper body and lower body exercises in your Daily pregnancy exercise session.


Pregnancy Workouts at home should not be rigorous. You should understand that this is not a way to help you to lose weight. Pregnancy exercises are has done to keep you relaxed and offer less discomfort. It also helps to manage weight and aids in easy delivery.

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