Depression And Anxiety During Pregnancy

Depression And Anxiety During Pregnancy

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Depression is a disorder in your mood that makes you feel hopeless and sad. This feeling can stay for weeks or months and it tends to affect every activity of your life.

Pregnant women suffer from postpartum depression. Even if she feels that her depression is under control but the hormonal changes that are happening in her body could cause the depression to increase.

Depression is hard to cope up with and it becomes extremely difficult to feel this way when you are pregnant. Pregnancy is supposed to be the time when you are the happiest, but depression during pregnancy makes the entire experience the least joyful for you.

Depression should not be taken lightly

Depression is a form of illness and it is something that is common among pregnant women. Most of the women feel depressed when they are pregnant. Clinical treatments are necessary to help pregnant women cope with depression. For some, the feeling goes away after a few months or within a year.

If you feel depressed it is important that you seek immediate medical help. When you are pregnant your physical, as well as emotional health, should be in order.

Why do pregnant women feel depressed?

Antepartum depression is a biological disorder and this changes the chemistry in the brain. When a woman is pregnant then the hormonal changes that she goes through affects the chemicals that are present in the brain. This causes anxiety and depression. It could increase if the woman’s life is also going through swings.

How do you know if you are depressed?

The common signs of depression during pregnancy are:

  • the feeling of sadness which does not seem to go away
  • difficulty in concentrating
  • too little or too much sleep
  • losing interest in activities that you had once enjoyed
  • the feeling of hopelessness and suicide
  • feeling worthless and guilty
  • change in eating habits
What are the common reasons why you could be feeling depressed?

The possible reasons to feel depressed are:

Is depression harmful to the baby?

There can be some risks to the baby and the mother if depression is not treated on time. It could lead to poor diet and suicidal feelings that could cause premature birth or developmental issue in the child. A depressed woman does not have the strength to care for herself and for the baby.

Babies who are born to depressed women tend to be less active and have a lesser attention span. It is important that the mother gets the required help soon.


A woman can opt to go for many therapies to get pregnancy depression treated. The therapy in most cases will not include any medication and is thus safe for the baby. In case there is a need for any medication then the low-risk options are given to the mother to give her relief.

If you feel any of the signs of depression then talk to your partner and discuss the same with your doctor. It is important that pregnancy depression is treated on time.

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