Diet During Pregnancy: Healthy Eating While Pregnant

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Diet during pregnancy does not mean dieting in the traditional sense. Here you do not aim to restrict the intake of your calories or lose weight. Save yourself from the pregnancy nutrition myths. This can actually be very dangerous for you and for your baby because if you try to lose weight during your pregnancy then your body will not get the required vitamins and nutrients that are needed by you and the baby.

The during pregnancy your diet should include lots of healthy food and stay away from the junk as much as possible. The important nutrients in your body can be got only by food and thus eating healthy while pregnant is important. Your diet during pregnancy should include healthy eating and should include a variety of food including vegetables and fruits, grains and food products that offers calcium, iron, protein, and other minerals.

What should your pregnancy diet include?

During pregnancy make sure that your pregnancy diet and nutrition includes a variety of food from the food group so that your baby gets the required nutrients. The list below suggests some food that should be included in the pregnant woman’s diet.

  • Vegetables and fruits These contain a lot of important nutrients like folic acid and vitamin c which is important for your health and for the development of the baby.
  • Bread – Bread and grains contain the essential carbohydrates and the grains give the body the essential proteins and nutrients like vitamin B, iron and protein.
  • Protein – Fish, meat, eggs, and beans are rich sources of protein and iron and the baby needs these for its development. Iron is essential because it helps to carry the oxygen to the baby and also prevents weakness and fatigue in the pregnant woman.
  • Dairy – The pregnant woman needs to include calcium in her diet which can be got from the dairy products. Calcium is required to build strong bones and teeth and improves the functions of the muscles and the nerves.
Pregnancy nutrition

A pregnant woman needs to have a pregnancy diet that provides iron, calcium, folic acid, and protein. She needs this much more when she is pregnant.

  • Folic acid – This is found in the food and is a vitamin B that helps in preventing any birth defects in the baby’s spinal cord and brain. Leafy green vegetables, bread, and citrus food are some food items rich in folic acid.
  • Calcium – Calcium helps to build the baby’s bones and teeth and if the pregnant woman does not have enough amounts of calcium then she is not able to meet the needs of the child. Cheese, yogurt, and milk are important sources of calcium.
  • Iron – The amount of iron that a pregnant woman needs is double than what she needs when she was not pregnant. Deficiency of iron could lead to anemia and this increases the risk of infections. The main sources of iron are dried beans, meat, and iron-fortified cereal.
  • Protein–The pregnant woman needs lots of protein and protein can be got from the diet. The main sources of protein are fish, meat, eggs, and nuts.

The main source of nutrients should come from your daily diet but if there are any gaps then the doctor would recommend you to take some supplements. This is when you are not getting enough nutrients from your diet. Your doctor will guide you in taking the supplements that are required for you and for the baby. The supplement only works to compliment your diet for pregnant women.

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