Diet Plans For Overweight Pregnant Women

Diet Plans For Overweight Pregnant Women

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It is important for a pregnant woman to gain weight during her pregnancy because it helps to support the baby. How much weight a woman should gain will vary based on the weight of the woman before she got pregnant. Those who were overweight should gain lesser weight than their slimmer counterparts.

Being overweight when pregnant causes many complications like miscarriage, hypertension, gestational diabetes, wound infections, etc. Those women who are overweight during pregnancy have a greater chance of cesarean delivery and could have some delivery complications.

It is thus important that one follows a balanced diet and exercise to keep fit during pregnancy.

The pregnancy diets to be followed by overweight women

Being overweight does not mean that you should go on a weight loss diet to keep up a normal weight. Instead, an overweight pregnant woman should stick to having food that is rich in nutrients and is low on calorie. Instead of having three large meal portions they should have low-calorie snacks all through the day and intake the recommended calorie dosage.

Diet for an overweight pregnant woman

The following is overweight and pregnant diet plan for women who are overweight when pregnant.

  • Stick to eating homemade food
  • Consume milk products that are low in fat
  • Eat food with no or very less salt
  • Avoid fried food and stick to baked food
  • Plenty of fruits and salads in the diet
  • Lots of water to stay hydrated
  • Increase consumption of healthy cereals in the diet
  • Capers and other spicy food is good because it helps to increase the metabolic rate
Some tips for the overweight pregnant woman

Here are a few tips that can help to regulate the weight when you are pregnant.

  • Limit the part size of the food that you eat
  • Avoid excess fat consumption
  • Substitute flour and sugar with whole wheat products
  • Reduce the sodium intake

It is important that one includes lots of fruits and vegetables in the diet. These give a lot of nutrients and are also low in calories. If you have the Overweight pregnancy symptoms then start taking the necessary precautions immediately.


If you are overweight when you are pregnant, it is important that you start to take the necessary measures to have a healthy weight gain. Overweight women need to keep a check on how much weight they gain. This is crucial because overweight pregnancy invites many complications for both the mother and the child. The food should be rich in nutrients and low in calorie. Make sure to have a number of meals but in small portions. It is also important to avoid sugar, salt, and fried items as much as possible.

Along with the diet, one should also do some workout. This could be a quick walk or a swim as advised by the doctor. Cravings do increase when you are pregnant but it is important to keep a check on it. A pregnancy diet should be followed with the discipline to avoid being overweight during pregnancy

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